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Let’s face it, Anxiety sucks. The Interrupt Anxiety workbook was created to be a tool that will allow you to get intentional and focused on managing Anxiety and Depression through mindfulness techniques, journal prompts, affirmations and interactive worksheets. The Interrupt Anxiety workbook is 25-page printable guide that compliments the Interrupt Anxiety printed Journal.


This 25-page workbook includes


+ 7 Journal Prompts

+ A list of Affirmational Statements for Journaling and Mindfulness

+ Learn More, Earn More Worksheet- Financial Focus

+ Positive & Productive Worksheet

+ Schedule of Success- Scheduling and Prioritization

+ Productivity Checklist

+ Real Tips for Destroying Depression Symptoms 

+ Achievement Through Affirmations Worksheet

+ Habits for Happiness Worksheet


and more...


The Interrupt Anxiety Workbook is a condensed version of the printed Journal. If you are new to journaling or on the fence about starting a mindfulness-based routine- The E-Workbook may be for you!

Interrupt Anxiety Workbook- The E-Journal