Goodbye Big Apple, Hello Georgia Peach

After 369 days of an overpriced Bronx apartment, yellow taxi cabs that honk entirely too much and trendy downtown restaurants (which are equally overpriced), my time in New York City has come to an end. Don't get me wrong, I love New York- I have from the very first moment I strolled through Central Park 2 years ago. The city was and has always been everything to me. I loved the energy, the pride in culture, the endless amount of opportunities and the gritty backdrop of towering buildings and dirty streets. New York is a beautiful city if you can look beyond its rough and jagged edges, their is always something new to explore- the entire city is really just one large adventure

But something started to happen to me during the last 6 months in New York. The very things I once loved about the city suddenly became pockets of pessimism, anxiety and frustration. I found myself lacking motivation and most of all focus on my personal goals. My Interior Design business was scarce and sad in New York, between the astronomical rents, tiny apartments and equally depressed residents- interior design services were the last thing on peoples mind. In the city, you were extremely successful if you lived in a rodent free, elevator apartment with hot water that worked consistency- the bar is set pretty low.

It was during an in-depth complaining session (aka chat) with my husband during a 12 hour drive to Georgia that really sparked the idea of moving away from the city. I mean, we were fortunate that his job allowed him to work virtually anywhere and he has always had steady cliental in Georgia (my husband is a tattoo artist BTW). Equipped with the power of google and steady cell service from the passenger seat, I began scouring home listings in Atlanta, GA- completely amazed at what we could get for a fraction of our high rent in New York. 4 and 5 bedroom homes with more than one bathroom!! the possibilities were endless. And while I may sound easy to please, sharing 1 bathroom with 2 men ( 1 grown man and 1 pre-teen boy actually ) had me desperate. It did not take long to decide that maybe our family had outgrew the city and it was time for a fresh start somewhere with wide open spaces (insert Dixie Chicks reference).

So a few house showings, a sublet arrangement ( for our place in the Bronx) and a $2,000 professional moving service invoice later we are here. Our house is beautiful and more than I could of ever dreamed of. My Pinterest boards are overflowing with interior design pins and my "DIY project list" grows by the day. And while our house was beyond "move-in ready," I love the process of making the place our own. Within the first 7 days of being in the house- we have had 13 meals sitting on the floor (while I search/ obsess over the RIGHT couch set), painted two rooms the perfect shade of grey, put away 26 boxes of clothes and perfected the art of making Ice Tea.

And while I have zero idea on what the future will look like for us here in Georgia, I feel inspired each day at the possibilities here. I am beyond hopeful and excited with the opportunity to fall in love with a new city all over again. That feeling in combination with a substantial savings in home costs each month HAS to be worth the shot.


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