Media Stand Takeover- Ikea Hack

When my husband and I moved from NYC, we tried to get rid of as much stuff as possible to alleviate moving costs. The 30$ Ikea bookshelf that was once considered "so functional" just wasn't meant for the big move south. Only bringing the true essentials (my husbands shoe collection and all of our tv's), we knew that we were going to have to start from scratch when it came to furniture pieces. In a way, I felt inspired by this because I actually had the space here to BUILD things- not Ikea stuff, but REAL stuff.

When we finally got the moving boxes thrown out and the cable up and functioning, I immediately got to work on crafting a BIG media console that would hold all of the junk the TV needed. The cable boxes, the X-box, the Connect, the games- media storage is no joke. I also have a true disdain for exposed wires, so I needed to find a way to hide those. This DIY takes some muscle- nothing major, just someone strong to help keep things together. Because we are still building up our tool selection, this DIY is done with simple household tools that everyone can use. This project still will go through some evolving in the future. I want to add doors to the cable box area (having a hard time camouflaging cords) and eventually we will just kick down and get the TV mounted to the wall. For now, it works and is functional for what we need.

Supplies Needed for Ikea Media Console

- 1 Ikea Kallax Bookshelf (8 compartment)

- 1 Ikea Expedit Shelf ( 4 cube compartment)

- 4 Ikea wicker baskets (made for Expedit & Kallax)

- 5 short furniture legs ( we got ours at Home Depot)

- Stain in Walnut color

- 5 large L Brackets

- 1 large pice of wood at least 86in long and 16in wide (cut to size)

We knew we wanted our media console to almost span the width of the wall our TV was going on so we decided to join the Kallax and the Expedit, but you can easily add an extra Expedit if you needed a bigger console.

First, assemble the Kallax shelf as instructed (or pictured rather) with the Ikea instructions. On the side where you plan on joining your Expedit, leave OFF the side wall. This will help to give your piece a furniture look instead of two shelves pushed together. With the Expedit shelf, assemble the shelf leaving out the middle divider piece. We were sure we didn't want an all cube set up so I assembled the Expedit leaving out the middle divider piece which created two horizontal shelves instead of of 4 modular ones.

My strong hunny positioning the two shelves together before screwing in the L brackets

Once both pieces are assembled, use your L brackets to connect the Kallax to the Expedit on the side where you left off the end piece. Position the L Brackets in the back of the shelves so they are unseen. We used 1inch screws to fasten everything together. Just make sure the screws do not come through the other sides of the shelves. Positioning L brackets on both the top shelves and the bottom shelves, make sure your entire piece is as flush as possible.

After securing the two shelves together, we decided to add furniture feet to lift the entire piece off of the ground. Not only does this give your piece some height, but it also makes it look intentional and more put together. Due to the overall length and width of the two shelves together, we decided to add 5 separate furniture legs, 2 on each side and one in the middle to stabilize everything. If you are purchasing furniture feet from Home Depot or Lowes, the pieces usually come in an unstained wood material, since we are adding the stained wood top, I decided to stain the feet in the same Walnut stain to really bring the whole thing together.

Adding the top to this piece really brought the whole thing together. Given the overall length, we purchased a piece of furniture board from Home Depot in 89in by 16in. Most home improvement stores will cut your wood for free, so we had this board trimmed down to 86inches so it would not be too long length wise. After staining the entire piece in Walnut we fastened the top by using wood glue 1 inch screws.

I love this wood stain color

Eventually, I plan to possibly put a back of the entire thing. I did not want every cubby to be filled with storage boxes and I am not sure that I like the back open because it is difficult to hide the necessary cords. This will eventually be fixed by adding a piece of plywood to the back (painting the plywood piece for shelving accent o using contact paper to cover it) or by just mounting the damn TV. For now, I am happy with this media console and I love the fact the whole thing was done for under 100$. Storage wise, this piece holds EVERYTHING. I even hid my router in one of the storage boxes and fed the cords through the back of the storage box. It has been fun to style this piece and I imagine that the decor will change pretty often. I get bored of stuff easy and I am constantly moving pieces from one area to another.

Question- Would you add a back piece to this or simply mount the tv? I would love to hear your thoughts.


Accented the shelving area with a thrifted safe we found. The safe function won't open, but I love the industrial look of it.

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