One of my favorite aspects of my interior styling work ( yes, I use my crafty skills to transform homes for kickass clients) is being able to challenge myself creatively to work with clients who have small, "real world" budgets. Transforming a space with a limited amount of funds allows me to DIY things that most people would usually buy and watching my designs come to life is so fun and rewarding.

When I was tasked to create a chic, relaxing Master Suite for an Atlanta client for under $250 complete with a bar cart, I knew I had to channel my inner DIY diva to really bring in all of the fun elements that would help to transform the space. For her room, I decided to go with a loud black and white printed removable wallpaper since she cannot paint in her rental. To complement the black and white, I pulled in blush and gold accents (that combo is so amazing right now). Since she did not have a functioning nightstand to repurpose, I knew I had to make one that would make a sophisticated statement and also wouldn't break the bank.

Trying to find a nightstand that had a gold accent and fit the budget wasn't easy. The Ikea options I found were too dainty and fragile to really compliment the space. Under a time constraint, I did not have the flexibility to build something from scratch. Going out to the garage to work on other DIY projects, I stumbled on my old, tacky TV tray that we bought at Walmart awhile back. Overall, I the TV tray had a fine shape and was incredibly simple, metal legs, fake wood top- it wasn't anything special.

Equipped with gold spray paint and some marble contact paper, I took a risk and got to work spraying the metal legs gold. Once I finished with that, I removed the laminate wood top and cut a piece of marble contact paper with my exacto knife. Covering the laminate top was simple and the paper adhered perfecting to the table top. I also made sure to wrap the sides of the table top with the marble paper to give the top a full marble look. Once the legs were dry, I reassembled the top back on the legs and stood back and marveled in my 10$ nightstand creation. Looking at the marble and gold combo, I was so impressed at how chic and fancy the nightstand looked, easily on par with some of the 60-70$ options I had seen in stores.

Moving on to the bar cart, I used the 25$ Sunnersta Ikea cart as the foundation for the bar cart. The great thing about the Sunnersta cart is it is a tall, metal simple design- giving you the flexibility to DIY and design it however you want.

Prior to assembling the cart ( which is super easy BTW) I spray painted all of the pieces with silver spray paint from Rustoleum brand. Moving onto the shelving pieces, I used my $5 marble like contact paper to cover the top and the sides, smoothing the paper with a credit card to prevent air bubbles as they came up. Covering the shelf pieces was simple and easy and using an exacto knife helped to get everything straight and even. Once the shelf panels were covered, I assembled everything and stood back and admired the end result. The $25 Sunnersta cart looked instantly updated and expensive. Once everything was completed, I accessorized the cart with thrifted jars, a pair of martini classes, a wine rack and of course booze. In all, I love the way everything came out. In the future, I think it would be nice to add some small art or a quote printable just to add visual interest and height.

Both of these projects were super easy and really made big statements for a small space. For under a combined $35, marble contact paper may be the most valuable DIY tool ever!

How have you used contact paper? what are some of your do's and dont's for using wallpaper?


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