8$ Holla- Boss Lady Desk on a Budget

In our new home, I am lucky that my husband has agreed to let me turn our bedroom ensuite into my office, my personal oasis.. my SHE SHED. The weird enclave in our bedroom ( honestly larger than our NYC apartment Master bedroom) really didn't serve any purpose in our Master Bedroom and all of the random sitting areas in our house are on overload.

First and foremost, I am planning to enclose the ensuite to make it an actual separate space away from our Master Bedroom. By putting up some barn wood sliding doors, I think I can enclose the space in a way that looks intentional and not forced. Paint wise, I am a bit all over the space. I really want to do a dark statement wall (like gasp.. black) and accent the rest of the space with gold, soft pastels and white. Then again, the grey addict in me is tempted to throw up some grey paint and call it a day. Sigh.. why do I suck at making decisions?

My office, aka the SHE SHED is a space where I know I want girly, feminine accents, metallics and pastel colors- I am currently stuck at wall colors.. simply wall colors is where I hit a block.

I want to create a space that is girly, light & productive

To jolt my inspiration, I knew that finding a desk was the first step in helping me visualize what this office space could offer. Looking online, I found beautiful desk options on Overstock.com, but at 300-400$ they just didn't fit my budget. With the amount of furniture I need to purchase for this space, in addition to the 100000 other projects we have to tackle in the rest of the house, I really needed to keep my office renovation under $500 total. Equipped with my imagination and ruthless haggling tactics, I immediately went to craigslist to find a desk that might need some love.

Somewhere after 3 cups of herbal tea and reruns of Fixer Upper, I FOUND IT- the perfect desk at the perfect price... FREE. The seller was moving out of state and just needed to get rid of her remaining pieces before bringing them out to the trash. I immediately emailed her and she was willing to hold the desk until 6pm the next day for pickup. It was fate and I was so excited.

Originally, the desk was a rusty red color, but that didn't scare me at all. Getting it home, my lovely husband agreed to spray paint the whole thing for me ( he's like an expert sprayer- most likely from his 15+ years of doing illegal street graffiti). After about 4 coats of powder blue spray paint, the coverage was perfect. Next, I removed the existing hardware and spray painted it bronze to really pop against the blue. I covered the top of the top of the desk with white contact paper which went on beautifully and provided a smooth finish, perfect for the table top.

In all, I love the desk and all it cost me was 8$ bucks for the spray paint. To give the desk the overall campaign look I am hoping for, I am going to add some gold L brackets to the drawer fronts.

Finding treasures on Craigslist is a long shot, it doesn't always happen, but when it does it feels amazeballs. Next, I plan to obviously paint the entire space, find 2 white bookshelves ( thinking IKEA for this), an amazing rug, hanging my chandelier light fixture and get some wall art up. I cannot wait to watch this space evolve- its going to

kick ass.

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