If Rustic & Glam had a baby & it was a sideboard- $60 Ikea Hack

As most of my dedicated readers know, I have a goal to either DIY, build or hack my way through furnishing our new home- one room at a time. Am I an expert craftsman? heck no! I have trouble using a screwdriver and the idea of hanging shelves gives me anxiety. But there is a true sense of accomplishment I get from building or up-cycling something from fugley to beautiful. Plus the extra cash I get to keep in my pocket feels amazing rather than shelling out hundreds of dollars for pieces that EVERYONE has.


So when it came time to actually building a buffet/ sideboard thing for the dining room, I jumped at the opportunity to DIY & hack something that was going to be functional, pretty, storage friendly & most of all AFFORDABLE. Even though I found some dope pieces on Craigslist, they needed ALOT of work and since we are a 1 car family (a small car at that)- I had no way to get them to my house without paying crazy delivery prices- I knew that Ikea would probably be my saving grace.

At Ikea, I couldn't find a piece that fit the dimensions we needed. Our dining room isn't super big and I am trying to conserve space to fit a farmhouse/industrial style table that fits at least 7 people. The RAST chest is a pretty BASIC "dresser" that comes unfinished without any fancy stuff and is an affordable $30 bucks- $25 if you have an IKEA Family Card. The put together piece is not very large, probably only 30 inches tall or so- so combining and adhering two of them together was the perfect solution for my storage needs.

I love a good IKEA hack and the RAST dresser has been done a MILLION times by amazing DIY'er's and bloggers who have a thing for its basic, unimpressive natural state. If you look on Pinterest, you can find about 200 different pins about up-cycling the RAST into beautiful pieces. Some of the tutorials online call for an extensive amount of power tools (that I don't have) and other tutorials are pretty simple like mine. My biggest advice with this project is to do what works for YOU.


Connecting the two separate pieces together was fairly simple and required wood glue, a bunch of 1 inch screws, a 1x4 to base the two pieces and two separate side pieces for the trim. Once I painted the fronts white and stained the drawer casing with a dark stain, I added these amazing gold nobs I ordered from Amazon. I think a pack of (20) was literally $18.99 which was a total steal. Securing the handles was probably the hardest part of this DIY since it required filling the pre-drilled nob holes that the RAST comes with and remeasuring and re-drilling for the new handles. I used a hand sander to lightly distress the stained areas which I felt gave a really nice touch to everything. To finish it off, I spray painted some L- Brackets I got at Home Depot and secured them to the drawer fronts for more of a "campaign" style look.

In all, I love the piece. I am still on the fence about if I want to add legs to give it some height but as for right now, I am letting it breathe. The white fronts with the dark stain really pop against my navy blue wall and I can't wait to actually build my dining table to really bring this room to life. The dining table, though daunting and terrifying to build is needed ASAP since we eat dinner on the floor or couch still (sigh). Patience has not always been my best trait.

Until Next Time

XOXO Nikki

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