Death to the Farmhouse Trend- Defining the "you" of your home

I am aware that the title of this post is a bit extreme and as I am typing this, I can feel the evil eyes of the Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper cult glaring at me through computer screens all over.

I, like so many other DIY, Design & HGTV enthuiasts love the show Fixer Upper. I adore Joanna Gaines and I have always been inspired by her design style, blending rustic and industrial in such a way that feels simple and never trendy. But somewhere along the line I have found myself frustrated by the lack of individuality and personalization that the "farmhouse" trend has created. Scrolling the DVIOLET Instagram page, all I see are recreated versions of Fixer Upper episodes and farmhouse chic. Decorators and designers that I love and look up to are too busy shiplapping and destressing every piece of furniture to really create interior styles that are unique and actually reflective of the space they are working in. I follow so many of these farmhouse knockoff pages that they are all starting to blend together since they all look the same. My local Hobby Lobby has 3 dedicated isles full of farmhouse chic accents and farmhouse rustic is probably one of the most popular Pinterest searched boards. I know I am venting a bit, but somewhere during the last 3 years, home individuality became more about recreating someone else's style and not creating a style of our own.

To me, the best interior spaces always represent the lifestyles of the people living there, the memories and traits that make your family and your home unique. If you live a lifestyle where you are up every morning at dawn milking a cow and feeding chickens, maybe farmhouse chic is a true representation of your lifestyle. I however, live in a subdivision that is pretty modern and cookie cutter- I do not milk cows and when I need eggs, I drive to my nearest supermarket and buy them. Farmhouse chic is not for MY lifestyle nor do I find that recreating any one style would allow me to really make my home a home.

I cannot give a one word answer to how I would describe my design style. When I take on new clients at DVIOLET, I refrain from asking clients to explain their design style either. Why? because I do not think its helpful to ever box my clients in. You can still have a glam, chic home that might have a few industrial or rustic accents. You can love farmhouse style but still blend that with modern and contemporary. Homes, like people- should not be defined by labels. When designing interiors, I look for styles and pieces that compliment NOT define. In my own home, I am drawn to accents that feel good, that are functional and compliment each other.

Am I saying that farmhouse chic gives me hives or that I do not have a few accents in my living room that are pretty farmhouse rustic- of course I do. I just prioritize individuality and functionality in my home and I hate trends.

How do you define your home? are you drawn to recreate popular trends or do you find that timeless design is individual and unique? am I overreacting on the farmhouse trend? Excuse my interior styling rant- Just had to let y'all know how I felt.

Until Next Time

Nikki D

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