$25 Bucks- Custom, Rustic Wall Art for the Cheap

This post is gonna be a quick DIY tutorial on this cute, giant art thing we made for an awkward corner of the Living Room. I also wanted to do a quick update as to where our Living Room is decor wise. Progress has been made- but the perfectionist in me is just not satisfied YET. So far, I do not feel the flow of this room. Sound crazy as it may, I feel like rooms need to flow well to be functional and right now me and the Living Room are NOT vibing the way we should.

Currently, I'm not loving the way our Living Room is looking- it just doesn't feel complete. Yes, the walls are painted, the media console (earlier post) has evolved and grown a ton- but I still need to find the right curtains ( neutrals, white or a print ) and I need new (tan color/ light cream) throw pillows for the couch. I am planning on hanging some photos of the kiddies in white, matted frames in a gallery style arrangement and I really want a large Fiddle Leaf tree, but I am worried about killing it. I created a mood board to help navigate my design choices and as you can see below, neutrals are everything to me right now.

I have told myself that working one room at a time is the best approach in taking on this house so I am sticking with this plan and staying committed to finishing up this Living Room even if it kills me in the process (not literally I hope).

Anyways, back to the DIY stuff- One night as I was sitting on my couch and looking at an awkward wall near my TV, I had an amazing idea to create a giant piece of wall art out of left over wood and stain. I knew I wanted the piece to be fairly large and rustic looking, but I didn't want to spend a million dollars to achieve the look. Using a large 2x4 piece MDF wood, I taped off a herringbone pattern for the full length of the wood using regular painters tape. Using the stain colors I had on hand (a dark cherry, a grey wash and Jacobean) I stained the sectioned wood and painted the internal stripes of the pattern with white. Using 2 pieces of 1x4 plank, I had the amazing guys at Lowes cut two pieces of wood- two pieces at 19inches and two pieces at 48inches. I used my mid-color stain to also stain my framing pieces and wood glued the planks around the perimeter of the piece. To help secure everything, I used 4 clamps until the wood glue dried and reenforced the framing planks with basic, 1 inch nails. To hang the piece I used a thick twine/rope and reenforced that with industrial-grade staples to the back.

The piece is pretty heavy so its important to make sure you mount it using proper anchors and the wall studs. If you want your wood to have more of a "beat-up" look you can destress it a bit by sanding and banging it up a bit- but thats totally up to you. In all, this piece cost me under $25 bucks to make and I feel like it looks super expensive and custom. I have gotten so much great feedback over this DIY and I am glad you all like it.

Anyways, with Fall approaching (sooner than later I hope), I think my neutral-ish Living Room color scheme is going to feel cozy and welcoming this season.

Until Next Time Loves

XOXO Nikki

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