Mastering my Master Bedroom- Romantic Design Inspo

Our Master bedroom looks like crap- well, I am exaggerating, but I hate the way it looks right now. Mainly because I haven't done anything with it since we have moved in. Right now, it is a landing space for clothes I do not wear, cups and plates for when I want to eat a late night snack in bed, and several of my son's socks that don't have a match. I want my Master bedroom to be a place where I come to relax and unwind from the long day. Right now, it is simply just a place to lay my head and fold laundry.

When it came time to thinking of design ideas for the redesign of the space, I felt stumped. The room is BIG and very square shaped. I want the room to feel warm, romantic-ish (wink wink) and relaxing- so I know paint is going to be a major factor in the room. Currently the walls are a boring beige color in both the master and the ensuite. I also need to account for the ensuite space that has no purpose. Obviously, the best solution would to make it a sitting area/ den for the bedroom- BUT functionality is my biggest concern and I want it to actually be a space I utilize, not just a space that looks pretty in pictures.

Here are some inspiration pics that channel the look I am going for.

This pic has probably been shared over a million times on Pinterest and for obvious reasons - its amazing! via Decorista

Obsessing over the look of a faux fireplace. Nothing says romance more than candle light

I love the way this room is glam without being over the top. The neutrals of the space really warm up everything and keep the design from looking flat.

This room is giving me luxury hotel vibes and I am loving every part of it

I love all of these designs and the feeling that they give off. I have been so focused on taking care of the rest of the updates in the house, that I have completely neglected my own space. Having a quiet sanctuary to rest every evening is so crucial to having a good home/ work life balance. Putting this space next on the DUNCAN house rehab list is definitely my main priority in the coming months.

Until Next Time Lovers

~Nikki D

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