Client Project- Glam, Girly & Functional

In my spare time (I don't have much of it), I enjoy taking on interior styling projects for clients in Georgia and NYC. Interior design is my passion and I love being able to remix client spaces in a way that is functional and most of all- AFFORDABLE. My clients find me usually from my social media platforms and also word of mouth and I love being able to connect with a diverse group of people in all different stages in life.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take on a client remodel of a shared master bedroom for two pre-teen girls who needed a space that was stylish and most of all functional. The master bedroom they share is incredibly large and featured an ensuite space and an abundance of space. Finding a room layout that allowed them to keep a sense of individuality while still being stylish was my biggest task and I had a goal of staying on an affordable budget.

The design plan I created for this install featured a lot of grey, blush pink, black and gold. Of course, I planned to DIY and update a variety of thrifted finds that would add to the feminine nature of the room- but as far as paint- I wanted to keep the majority of the room a neutral grey color. The paint color we painted the space was by Sherwin Williams in the color Latitude. The color is a true, mid-tone grey that is not too light or too dark. I love the way the paint looks with white crown molding and doors, it compliments blush and metallic accents well.

After painting the space, I wanted to make the ensuite, a feature space for the girls to hangout in. To add to the overall theme, I decided to do a mosaic wall with black, grey and blush pink paint. Mosaic walls are one of my favorite design features to do in a small space and they are simple to accomplish using a painters tape and good paintbrushes.

Once the painting was done ( it took forever FYI), I accented the room with cute, inspirational printables, wall art & custom accents. To create cohesion in the space, I decided to update the existing bed frames with upholstered, white headboards, separating the beds with a shared nightstand that I painted gold.

Throw in some sparkly pillows, inspirational quotes and girly accents and the room really came together in a chic and functional way. The girls loved the space and felt like they finally had a "grown up" space to call their own. So often- people think that design has to be complicated or expensive to make a real statement, but in reality 90% of a room is HOW it is put together. Does the room speak to the individuality of the client? does it create space that is calm and organized? When I take on new clients, I always want to make sure I am designing for the style of the client, meeting the client functionality need first and foremost.

I always consider taking on new D Violet Interiors clients as opportunities become available and I love utilizing my blog platform and social media to connect with people who simply want functional, affordable spaces. I cannot wait to share more of my client projects with you all. Thank you for your unconditional support.


Nikki D

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