Boobs & Beds- Breastfeeding and Starting a Master Bedroom Makeover

I do not own my boobs anymore. Literally, my $4,000 investment on breast implants (more on that another time) was for Ms. Nova-Rae, not me.

When I was pregnant, I was absolutely sure that I wanted to breastfeed. Both Richard and I studied all of the blogs that talked about it and I was sure that I wanted to give breastfeeding a REAL shot. Not only is breastfeeding the most healthy form of nutrition for your baby, but it is believed to assist with the postpartum bonding and healing process as well. Because I struggled with Postpartum Depression in the past, establishing a strong bond and prioritizing my health was so important with this pregnancy. From moment Nova was born, she has had absolutely no problem with breastfeeding. My baby girl latches like a champ and feeding came natural to her which was great. I have been so fortunate that I have not had any issues with soreness or milk production and all the hardware (boobs) seems to work perfectly well. Nova still eats every 2 hours on average and on a good night she will sleep for about 3 hour stretches at a time. As of now, Nova will ONLY sleep while being held after she eats and we are hoping to break her of that habit soon.

Because I breastfeed, my husband and I also co-sleep with Princess Nova. 3 is always a crowd in our bed and because of that we knew that we had to invest in a larger bed ASAP. Richard has been begging for a King sized bed for awhile- but our bed was less than a year old and I did not want to get rid of it so soon. After waking up all hours of the night to feed Nova and having Richard's legs, feet and arms on top of me- I knew we had to get a new bed sooner than I had hoped for.

Our master bedroom has been next on our remodel list for some time and the prospect of upgrading our bed to a King helped to jump start our design process. I found the PERFECT bed from Wayfair and it is a real statement piece in our room. The bed is a 4 poster bed with an upholstered headboard and its made entirely out of gold chrome. I will warn all of you that shipping the bed took FOREVER- as in like a month which had me very impatient, but I promise it was well worth the wait. Building the bed seemed easy (I didn't really help with the process) and took Richard about 2 hours to complete. The frame itself is huge and our 13 inch memory foam mattress adds a lot of height as well.

From upgrading bed, I was able to envision the full design of our master bedroom that will feature an aqua (deep emerald green) accent wall, white furniture, small gold accents and fluffy, comfortable bedding. Because we spend so much time in bed, it was so important to us to have a room that was comfortable and a place we actually wanted to be in. We still have several projects to complete before our master is done, but having the new bed is nothing short of amazing. Since my boobs are currently on loan to Nova, I am glad I have a comfy bed to feed and relax in during the process.

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