The Best Damn Lighting Hack EVER

Since we moved into our home 9 months ago, I have been desperately trying to address the lighting issues in our kitchen. Like many builder-grade homes, we have an UGLY overhead light in our kitchen that gives off the worst lighting and makes everything in the room appear green. While I would love to say that we will DIY the overhead lighting and replace it with something else- I think we will need to hire a professional electrician to address the problem. The light is florescent, big and super ugly.

While stalking Pinterest, I kept falling in love with gooseneck style sconces that I was seeing in some of my favorite bloggers homes. I really like the look of hardwired sconces and not the wall sconces that are plug-in style, but I did not to spend major money to achieve the same look. After getting a quote from an electrician for $500 to hardwire a wall light- I knew my cheap ass had to DIY it to achieve the look I wanted.

After surveying the downstairs, I knew that the best place to place my DIY sconce lighting would be above my framed chalkboard in the kitchen and above my sink. Through Amazon Prime, I was able to order 2 large, black gooseneck sconces for under $30 bucks each!! SCORE!.

To actually make them work as lights, I added these amazing little puck lights that come with a remote. Puck lights are generally used for easy-to-place push lighting (think hallways, under cabinets etc.). The set I purchased I also ordered from Amazon Prime for $13.00 and they even came with a remote (which is super useful).

To adhere the light into the actual sconce, I used a few stripes of industrial strength Velcro on the back of the puck light and placed it directly into the wall sconce right by the area where the light bulb goes. To cover my small light, I added a Edison light bulb which perfectly camouflaged the puck light. Using Velcro to stick your light in the sconce is useful because you can easily replace batteries whenever needed without much effort. Using the handy remote is amazing and allows me to feel like my DIY wall lights are really "official." After I added the puck light, I (my husband) installed the light sconce directly on the wall without cutting any wire. The lighting kit will provide you with everything you need to actual adhere the sconce to the wall, so a few simple screws are all that is needed.

In all- the entire project cost me about 40$ and made such a big impact. Sometimes the smallest details make such a major difference in your home styling. For now, even seeing these cute lights takes my mind off of the GIANT eyesore florescent light that I want to get rid of.

Thinking outside of the box when it comes too home décor, makes ANYTHING possible and the unique touches you will be able to add will really impress your friends. Style ON loves!



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