My Favorite 5 Home Organization Tips

We have all been there. Coming home from a long day at work and seeing your home looking like an atomic bomb exploded. Dishes in the sink, toys ALL OVER the living room, yesterdays dinner still on the stove, laundry that is over 3 feet tall- It's literally one of the worst things to come home to after a long day. Unless you have the luxury of having a maid to deep clean your house weekly, staying on track with keeping your home clean and organized feels impossible for many.

This week, I am breaking down my TOP 5 tips on keeping my home organized during the work week. Remember, this is not a perfect science! I consider myself a pretty organized person and I still get off track from time to time.

# 1- Thou MUST use Baskets in Common Areas

This is one of my favorite cost effective, easy steps to implement in your home organization journey. My DIY entertainment center has 4 separate baskets where I store random shit that would otherwise get in my way. Random remotes, gaming console supplies, extra phone chargers, xbox games and other random things are neatly tucked away in my living room. Because each basket has a purpose, we rarely find ourselves looking for stuff that we cant find. Ikea, TJ Maxx and Target all have cheap, stylish baskets year around. Storing extra blankets, cords, throw pillows, on hand baby supplies are all practical uses for baskets in your common areas.

#2 Don't Stack it, Open it

Unopened mail can be giant cause of unnecessary clutter in your home. Even if you have a "mail drawer," it will eventually start overflowing. With most companies now offering paperless billing, I have cut down substantially on the amount of mail that comes to the house. OPEN ALL MAIL THE DAY IT COMES. I cannot stress this enough! Toss what you don't need immediately and file away what you do. Paper clutter is a real eyesore and honestly just stresses me out.

#3 Eliminating Shoes & Stress

At my house, we have a shoe closet. The shoe closet is downstairs by the garage and it stores all of the shoes that we wear on a regular basis. I purchased a second-hand shoe rack from the Goodwill and it has done an amazing job at keeping the shoes neatly stacked in the closet. Because our house has carpet (Looking to change this ASAP), we run a "shoes off at the door" household. Having a designated closet to store shoes that are worn on a regular basis saves you from having to constantly look for your shoes when you need them.

#4 Gotta Love 3X D's (Doing Dirty Dishes)

If you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher, USE IT! At my old apartment in NY, we didn't have a dishwasher and it was miserable. Now that we have one, I make my son load the dishwasher every single evening. I have noticed that when my kitchen is clean, I feel 10x better about the rest of my house. Loading the dishwasher is easy, takes minutes and will visually help you to not feel overwhelmed when you see a sink full of dishes.

#5 Quit having a "Laundry Day"- Do that shit DAILY

I used to be a person who would save my laundry throughout the week for one specific day to get it done. When Sunday would roll around, my laundry pile would be taller than my son and it was miserable to put away. Now, I try to do a load of laundry every single day. Once the load comes out of the dryer, I try to immediately put it away where it needs to go. Now, I do not always succeed at this. There are times that my clean laundry sits in a pile for several days and my son has to dig through it to find something clean to wear.

Those are some of my favorite, most practical tips for keeping your home organized and clean when you do not have an endless amount of time to clean and organize. This year, I am hoping to implement a few more daily tips to assist in keeping my house the way I want it. What are your favorite ways to keep your home organized?

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