The Real Deal- Loving Myself While the World is Telling Me Not to.

Yesterday was International Women's Day.

I had all of yesterday to really think about what being a woman means to me at this stage of my life.

To me women are...

The providers, the supporters, the affection givers, the care-takers, the problem solvers, the listeners, the protectors, the optimistic, the realistic, the selfless, the drive and the ambition...

While that list could go on forever, I feel compelled to reflect on my own journey as a twenty-something year old woman trying to make her way..

I am Strong- I have made a million mistakes already and I know I am only bound to make more. I have been resilient. At at the darkest of times, I have made amazing use of the tools God has given me to cope.

I am Affectionate- I thrive on love. I give love and I do not accept anything in my life that doesn't make me feel a sense of love. I am confident in my ability to love someone unconditionally.

I am Patient- In the darkest of times, the most frustrating of situations- I am focused and patient. I realize where I am trying to go and I trust God's timing on getting me there. I do not rush my growth and I take peace in knowing that my journey is never done.

I am Selfless- I am a protector. I have been willing to protect those closest to me while sacrificing my image and myself. My loyalty is unmatched, and I prioritize the needs of others always. I have made difficult decisions during the times when it was easier not to. I have always been willing to put my family's needs first. I am focused on our future.

I am Aware- I am aware of how I am feeling and I communicate my feelings and needs openly. When I often read the comments and hate from others who do not know me, I am aware of the way that makes me feel. I do not deny myself the ability to acknowledge my feelings and I grant myself space to deal with my feelings as they arise.

I am a Leader- I am able to plan and balance the many diverse avenues of my life. I stand up for what is right and I do not support shit that is wrong. I am willing to deal with consequences of going against the grain and I refuse to sit quiet when others try to tear me or tear down those I love down.

I am a Hard Worker- My dedication and work ethic is unmatched. I give 300% to everything I do and I expect those around me to do the same. I strive to make daily progress on my goals and I hold myself accountable when I do not meet my own expectations.

I am Creative- My creativity fulfills me and I enjoy building my craft. I am amazing at generating and executing the many ideas in my head. I love beautiful spaces.

I am Accepting- I do not use judgement, I refuse. I love my ability to accept others without judgement. I do not talk down to others or about other people's decisions. I am aware that people generally make the best decisions that they can when they are able to so I am open-minded

I am Forgiving- I recognize that forgiveness is the key to acceptance. I have the ability to forgive and I do not hold grudges against other's who may have hurt me in the past.

I am Smart- I know a lot and I am able to learn what I do not know. Learning and self-progression are my focus and I indulge in things that help me grow. I have common sense and I can problem-solve difficult situations while making decisions that are best for ME.

I Believe in Growth- I want those around me to always be the best version of themselves. I live fearlessly and unapologetically. I support the personal journey of those that I love and I do not put my opinions on others.

I am a Mother- I realize that there is not a handbook on how to be a good parent. I admit the mistakes that I have made with my children and I seek guidance when I need support. I recognize the growth that I have made in the last 8 years and I grant myself forgiveness for all of the times I may have fallen short.

I am a Wife- I love my husband unconditionally. I guard his peace and his happiness with every ounce of me. I am committed and loyal to our union and our love. I support his growth and progression and I am always willing to be confided in. I help my husband problem solve and I empower him to stand up for what he believes is right. I do not our past, failed relationships define us. I trust my husbands opinion and voice more than anyone else's. I know he has my best interest at heart.

And though every Wednesday I could spend hours diving into all of the things that I am not, I am more interested in uplifting all of the wonderful things I am. While the words that are so carelessly thrown around by other's may sting me, I recognize that nothing in this world is personal therefore I should not take those opinions personally. I am able to separate the fiction from the true reality of my life and I do not allow the narrative that has been written for me, define me.

I truly know that a job is a job- I am more focused on what I am going to do with the many financial benefits that are provided to me and I manifest my families growth and progression through those benefits.

So for International Women's Day I want all of us to recognize and uplift all of the many things that we are. Do not ever let others biased and skewed opinions of you guide you. Do not be afraid to be authentic and speak YOUR TRUTH. Reclaim your time sis, you are all truly magic- let yourself shine!



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