Master Bathroom Makeover for Under $350 Bucks

Project Master Bathroom overhaul is complete!! After a solid 30 days- I can FINALLY relax in our bathroom space. While I know good things come to those that wait- I was so damn tired of stumbling over paint brushes and power tools every morning on my way to the toilet.

We took on re-doing our Master Bathroom BEFORE we even finished the Master Bedroom. Maybe its our ADHD work style- but the Bathroom felt like it would be an easy win. You all know I love to save money and be cheap- SO I gave us a budget of $350 bucks to spend on the renovation, including paint. I am happy to report that we stayed on budget and got the project completed which is amazing.

We started off by painting the boring tan walls my favorite bathroom color- Schwerin Williams Sea Salt. The color is a super relaxing light blue/ green that isn't overpowering or too trendy. Since we already have white baseboards, I knew the space would need a full touch up on all of the doors and baseboards with white paint, so we saved that process until the end.

Next, I wanted to tackle the FUGLY ass floors. Don't you hate laminate and vinyl? I am not sure why every builder in the 90's decided that fake marble was the way to go for flooring, but boy they really got that wrong. When stalking Pinterest, I came across a DIY for doing stenciled floors on top of old, existing floors. The process is simple but TIME CONSUMING. If you have OCD, the floor painting process will really test your nerves. I have included the floor painting instructions below, so stick with this post if you want the 411.

Once the floors were done and the walls were pretty. I removed the tacky, metal towel racks that come standard in every builder-grade home and replaced them with a pretty grey and silver coat hooks. I love using hooks to hang my towels on in the bathroom because it gives a very spa-like feel and you do not have to worry about perfectly folding your towels on a dumb bar. Like my sheets, I prefer to only use white bath towels and wash cloths because I love how clean they look and they can be easily bleached when needed.

Next, I wanted to address the giant vanity mirror that looked sad and plain. By framing out the mirror with basic wood trim, wood stain and L-brackets, we were able to transform the mirror for less than $15 bucks!

Looking at the vanity, we knew that our budget would not allow us to rip it out and start over (even though I wanted to) so we got creative and made use of the vanity we had. By painting the cabinets white (tutorial in a previous post) and painting the countertops with Rustolium Counter Top paint, we were able to give the vanity a fresh, new look that wasn't so 90's. I found 2 $15 faucets from Amazon that were basic and sleek and when my hubby swapped out the dingy ones for the new ones, the vanity looked 1000x better.

The custom shelves above the tub are probably my favorite accent in the room and were made for about $10.00 each using stained, wood planks from Lowes and basic shelf brackets from Lowes. I accessorized the two shelves with cute potted plants, candles and a cute sign I got from the dollar section at Target (I love that area FYI). To hold my bubble bath and bath salts, I transferred all of my products into basic glass bottles which looked beautiful displayed on the shelves.

To ground the space, I purchased some cute rugs from Marshall's for in front of the vanity, tub and shower. I wanted to draw on the textures of the space so the braided rug at Marshalls that sits in front of the tub is a perfect fit for bringing all of the pieces together. Since I was on a budget, I pulled a few pieces from other areas of my house to also help compliment the natural accessories in the space. For laundry, I purchased a cream color, terry cloth basket to hold our dirty clothes instead of one of those tacky, plastic ones.

Because we have a walk-in shower right next to the tub with UGLY doors on it, I covered them by installing a shower curtain rod ($6.00) and two, white Ikea curtain panels ($8.00) to hide the shower.

For art, I made two pintable's and framed them with $6.00 Ikea frames and I love the way they look against the Sea Salt wall color. Since I love taking long baths and stalking Pinterest while I am in the tub, I decided to make a bath shelf by just staining a large piece of wood and laying it across my bath tub. So far, it has worked amazing and kept me from dropping my phone in the tub which is a major plus.

I am still looking to incorporate some more art in the bathroom that hubby has to create, but for now- I love the space. Considering we only spent $347.00 to complete it, I feel proud that we were able to pull together a bathroom that feels relaxing and calm. The kids are NOT allowed to use my bathroom anymore and I have to admit- I will not miss them using it one bit.



Materials Needed for Stenciled Floors

1. Zinger White Primer for Floors

2. Regular Paint of your choice in a Semi-gloss finish

3.A large scale stencil

4. Chalk paint

5.Good quality paint brushes (my favorite brushes have a rubber handle)

6. A small foam roller

7. A large foam roller

First thing is first- you MUST deep clean your floors before painting. Get out the TSP, bleach or whatever you use and scrub your floors. Make sure you pay attention to the baseboards and seams and allow the floors to dry well.

Next, you are going to prime your floors with the floor primer. Start at the back of the room and work your way to the front with your large foam roller. Allow each coat to FULLY DRY before putting on a new coat. Our floors took about 3 coats of primer.

Once the floor is primed, paint over the primer with your regular base color paint using a large foam roller. Make sure you also start at the far end of your space and work your way towards the front. Allow each coat of paint to dry a full 8 hours before painting on a new coat. Using your stencil at the back of the room. LIGHTLY roll your small roller in your chalk paint and roll on top of the stencil. DO NOT OVERLOAD your foam roller- THIS IS CRITICAL. You can build up the paint if you need more, but less is more. Once you finish going over the stencil, allow it to dry a full 10 minutes before you remove it and move onto the next section. To get the space done faster, you may want to purchase more than one stencil.

Save the corner areas for LAST as they are tricky and may require you to cut your stencil in half. While stenciling, if you mess up, do not freak out. Simply let it dry then paint over it with primer and start over. While the bulk of the stenciling is being done, do not worry about small smudges and minor mistakes because you can fix those at the end of the painting process.

Once you have completed your stenciling, touch up any needed areas with a small paint brush. You can also paint your baseboards to keep everything fresh and white.

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