Master Bedroom Refresh (Under $400)- Spring Into Action Blog Hop

Hey! Did you know that April 1st marked the beginning of Quarter 2 of the year? Its crazy to think that just yesterday we were celebrating New Years and now- we are inching into Spring. Besides the warmer temperatures and the attack of deadly allergies (yuck), Spring makes me want to refresh things in my home. All of the baseboards get scrubbed, the linens get refolded and literally no surface goes untouched. Spring ignites an inner- OCD Niekiha and my family usually isn't too thrilled.

A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a Blog Hop with some amazing bloggers that I love. The spirit of our Spring Blog Hop revolved around finishing up a project that we have been putting off for sometime. The ladies in this group were truly my motivation and accountability partners to get my sh*t done. Don't you just love when you are able to connect with like minded, smart women who force you to level up your game? ya me too! If you are visiting from Carla's blog, Carla Bethany welcome! After getting the 411 on my Master Bedroom refresh, make sure you head over to Erin's Blog at Live Pretty on a Penny to get the scoop on her Upstairs Hallway Refresh.

In true Nikki spirit, I put off my Spring Into Action project to the last possible minute. Actually, as I am finishing up this post- it is literally 20 minutes until I am supposed to go live with this entry!

Anyways, I sat and wondered, what home project would I take on for the challenge? Did I want to tackle an accent wall in my living room? How about our bedroom en-suite that is STILL looking like a bucket of hot mess? The only project that really stuck out to me was- THE MASTER BEDROOM.

This was the before pic of the room. It wasn't BAD- it just felt undone

For Christmas, my Husband gifted me (well, more like us) with a brand-new bed. This beauty, was gold, giant and EVERYTHING I have ever wanted in a bed.

Following that gift, the bedroom stayed only 30% decorated. Yeah, the accent wall (a beautiful teal color) was complete and our $30.00 Ikea nightstands were functioning just fine- But the room still lacked lacked style and personality.

A few months ago, we repainted our old dresser white and added these amazing bar pulls that I ordered from Amazon. Changing the dresser into a white color really opened up the space and choosing to DIY the dresser saved us a bunch of coins.

Looking to really accent the space, the meat of our bedroom refresh came in the shape of a 1970's HEAVY dresser. When people say "They don't make them like this anymore" this is the "them" that they were referring to. This dresser was a $50 LetGo buy and a major workout getting in the house, let alone upstairs. This dresser literally weighs about 280 lbs (I'm exaggerating) and it is pure wood. The original stain of this piece was a fugly, honey oak color. The dresser had a weird, rectangle mirror that was attached to it that unfortunately had to get the boot (couldn't find a way to re-purpose it).

Here is the ad pic for the FUGLY dresser. I saw the potential in her, despite her ugly oak color.

The first thing we did was clean this vintage piece REALLY REALLY well. I think properly cleaning furniture prior to painting is KEY. Next, we painted the entire dresser with 3 coats of Bullseye Primer to cover the existing honey oak finish. I really like Bullseye primer because it does not go on thick and goopy and dries very even. After priming, we decided to paint the dresser a warm, teal, jewel shade. To get a very even coat when painting furniture- it is important to do several, thin coats instead of a few, thick coats. To paint this large piece, we used regular foam rollers and a 1 inch paintbrush to get in the nooks. To give the piece a more modern look, I used these amazing drawer pulls that I ordered from Amazon (gotta love Prime).

This dresser went from 1970's DISASTER to a beautiful, modern looking piece. Honestly, it STILL needs primer, but for now- you get the picture.

The teal dresser instantly transformed the look of our Master Bedroom and gave me the inspiration to keep going on with the project. Not only did the dresser provide more storage then we already had (no more over-stuffing the drawers), but it was actually a real statement to the white furniture in the room.

We placed the dresser adjacent to the white dresser that and instantly the dresser felt more like a piece of art rather than a 1970's ugly beast like it was. To style the piece, I hung a large mirror that I picked up for $40 bucks from Target directly above it. What I love about the mirror is it is framed in a rustic wood material which matched the large art piece that my hubby made. Adding some thrifted books, a $5.00 plant and some of my favorite candles really helped to make the dresser more of a statement piece in the room.

One of the first things I needed to do was integrate art in the room. Being that my husband is pretty talented with a paint brush- he created a beautiful, large, framed piece of art to go on the small accent wall by our bathroom. After my cheap, light hack (check it out here) went so well downstairs, we decided to install a white, industrial sconce right above the art piece to give off a soft light. The white light (click here) was super affordable (under $35.00) and matched the other white and gold accents in the room. The gag is that even though the light looks super expensive, but isn't even hardwired to the wall. A simple puck light, industrial strength Velcro and a light-bulb makes all of the difference in this hack.

This wall art was made on a giant piece of MDF board and framed with a few 1x4's. My husband is a great artist who usually will make me anything I request IF i agree to actually cook dinner that night.

Originally, we had hung white curtain panels up (my favorite white panels are Ikea). Once we added the teal dresser to the space, I realized that we needed a thicker, more substantial type of curtain panel for our bedroom. After stalking HomeGoods, I came across these blush color curtains that were a great price and perfect for setting the mood in the space.

About 2 weeks ago, I put a poll on Instagram that asked how everyone felt about the layered rug trend that I tried to attempt in the Master bedroom. Surprisingly, the IG tribe spoke and they HATED IT lol. So when I was looking for a rug to go in the space, I had my IG community in the back of my mind. Being that I RARELY listen to all reason, I decided that the tiny fur throw that I layered over the rug needed a place to shine and thus I kept it :)

I found a super bright, cute rug at TJ Maxx that was on sale (gotta love a sale) and looked like it would fit perfectly at the head of the bed. I also called upon the Amazon Prime Gods to deliver a small, grey bench that was not over $120 bucks- and I found the perfect match (I have linked the bench here).

The nightstand lamps were a target buy ($25) and feature a light gold detail around the base of the lamp that matches the other gold accents in our room. One of my favorite features is my simple $30 bookshelf where I have a few wedding pics of me and the hubby. I don't know about you, but I was taught that pictures of children DO NOT belong in the bedroom and I believe that 100%.

I also added these cool wall hangings that were wood and white as a centerpiece above the bed as well as a large printable that I enlarged for $15 bucks and framed. I like the minimal style the art in the room gives off and I tend to side on the side of simple when it comes to art. I found this wood circle piece at Marshall's for about $14 bucks and it looked perfect centered above the bed.

While there are a bunch of things I still want to do in this room (like actually finish painting the trim), I am loving the design and warm vibes it is giving me now. I actually LOVE to retire in my bedroom after a long day and hubby and the kids know that when the door is shut it means- DO NOT DISTURB.

I am thankful to the Spring Into Action Blog Hop ladies for pushing me to get this project completed!! It really does take a tribe to motivate you sometimes and I am looking forward to collaborating with all of these amazing ladies in the future. If you get a chance, check out all of my co-hosts projects on their blogs and subscribe. I have linked all of the ladies below!

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