The Get Shit Done She Space- Office Makeover

A lot of people may not know this, but I have so MANY jobs. I literally take the term "Side Hustle" to a whole new level. A Director at a nonprofit in Georgia, the owner of my interior styling business D Violet Interiors (my baby), my husbands manager/LLC operator / personal assistant/ maid and a full-time blogger- the list goes on and on.

Monday- Friday I work at my 9-5 job from 8am-6pm and when I get home I have to tackle all of the creative duties that are apart of my design brand. After my long commute home, I rush home to take a shower, take off my bra and sit on my couch with laptop in front of me and work. Sometimes its challenging to feel motivated to manage so many things when IM EXHAUSTED and burnt out- but then I receive a random DM or email from someone letting me know how much they appreciate my blog or IG content and that makes it all worth it.

In an effort to stay productive, stay positive and stay progressive this year- I knew I had to get my office space aka the She Shed ALL THE WAY together. Before this office makeover, my office was a place I would NEVER work in. Number 1- it was super dark. When we were initially painting the office space, we used the same navy blue color (Schewerwin Williams Naval) for an accent wall that we used in the dining room when we first moved in. I love the navy blue color in our dining room, it matches with EVERYTHING and it is a perfect, true navy color. Because my office space is directly across from our dining room and putting in French doors didn't seem possible, I thought that painting the office with the same accent wall in the dining room would help the space feel more cohesive. In all honesty- all it did was make it feel super dark and masculine in the space.

Before pic- this room was super dark. The rug was too big and the general feeling was just blah

After I found an AUUHHHMAZING rug on Bargain Area Rugs (linked here) - I knew I had to have it for the office. Our living room rug (that people are loving) was purchased from Bargain Area Rugs and I loved the amazing quality and great customer service they provided. It can be super challenging to buy a rug online because sometimes they do not look like they do on a phone or computer screen and unless you are super positive of your rug measurements sometimes they don't fit in your space. The light blue and grey rug I got from Bargain Area Rugs was literally perfect and looked EXACTLY like it did online.

After getting the rug in the mail (mine is a 8x10 size), I used it as an inspiration piece to build the design for the rest of the room. I knew that I wanted to do an accent wall in the space but keeping things light and airy was my priority. A New Wall (linked here) had the perfect peel and stick wallpaper that matched perfectly with my new rug. I have discussed it on the blog before, but I la la la love peel and stick wallpaper. If you are looking for a way to easily update a room and make a major impact- I recommend peel and stick wallpaper. Even if you are a DIY beginner, peel and stick wallpaper is SUPER simple to install! Thank me later <3

The wallpaper we used is a really pretty watercolor inspired wallpaper that has lots of blues and teals in it.

Because I like to do everything without spending major coins- I repurposed the regular ol white bookshelves that I got from Target for $30 bucks each. These book shelves are pretty basic so I recommend painting or wallpapering the back of the bookshelves with a statement print or color (I used blush paint).

Because I did not want my face directly staring at the wall, we moved the desk a few feet away from the wall and more aligned with the window to assist with lighting. I used my Ikea shelving unit and sprayed it gold to add some more personality to the space and hung up some of my favorite art pieces including some of the art pieces that my talented husband made for me. The large black and white, framed piece is actually a printable piece from Jenny's print shop (link here) and a regular, white Ikea frame. If you are not trying to spend major money on wall art I recommend finding unique printable pieces on Etsy or even Instagram. By using a creative, small business you can save money while also supporting someone's business.

The large, gold, floral piece was actually a HomeGoods score and I love the pastel colors of the flowers against my blue, watercolor wall. The faux plants were found at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and I think they were about $7 bucks each.

The gold pendant light in the corner is a Target buy. I had been eyeing this pendant light since it came out several months ago. The great thing about this light is it DOES NOT have to be hardwired into the ceiling and the installation is super simple. When I saw the light hiding in a deserted shelf in the clearance section of Target- I knew it was fate.

So far, I really need to get my paper/ documents organized because right now- I do not really have a system for keeping all of my documents and files together. I am so happy that my good friend Britney with Be Totally Organized is helping me. Yes, interior styling is totally my jam, but organizing my own shit is a challenge so working with Brit is super helpful (more on the organizing challenge later).

My office chair was actually a special gift from my man. He saw my giant self sitting on a tiny chair in front of my desk and he gave me cash and told me to go out and find a "grown ass woman" desk chair. Don't you love it when your partner celebrates your success and efforts through small acts like that <3 I purchased the blue, velvet office chair from Marshalls on clearance for only $75 bucks which is a major steal because this thing is heavy.

The blush curtains were a TJ Maxx find and I got both panels for $20 bucks which is perfect. When installing curtains, I generally buy 96 inch curtain panels for the length because I like them to be a little long on the floor. Curtains that are too short remind me of high water pants and being 6'0- I have WAYYYYY too much experience with high water jeans.

Some of the other decor items (like the cute stuff on my desk) are thrifted. I always tell my readers to not be afraid to thrift for stuff to implement into your shelves or your design. Even if something looks fugley in the Goodwill, it might change the way it looks next to other items in your home. Please do not sleep on the Goodwill ladies, it can change your life!

So there you have it- my office renovation. This process literally took only 1 day (after work, in between dinner and answering emails) and I LOVE IT. I think the style came together perfectly without feeling too cliche or girly. Although their are times I may want to hang up a giant "GIRL BOSS" poster on the wall- I realize that my office space is an open space. Their are no doors on my space which means I have to make sure it is cohesive with the rest of the house.

Do you feel like working in a beautiful in a beautiful office space helps you be productive? How do you stay organized and efficient when you are wearing multiple hats?

Until next time lovers!



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