How to Have The Most Productive, Amazing Month EVER

Lets talk PRODUCTIVITY, Goals and reclaiming your time. I get so many DM's and comments from readers who want to know my tips and tricks on staying productive while balancing a family and a job.

While I do not know all of the answers and I damn sure fall off from time to time, I live for productivity and progression. I love getting stuff done while enjoying my family and my life. While this post says that these tips will help you have the most productive month ever ( I love a good exaggeration guys)- these tips are super helpful in setting yourself up for success during the month.

SOOOO..... I guess I should jump right into it now?


This month, I spent a lot of time reconnecting with my family and friends. In between long phone conversations, a 5 hour flight to California and lots of meditation in the bathtub, I realized how I need to do a better job at prioritizing time and connection with those closest to me. I don't know about you, but I get really caught up in life and the "everyday" grind and I don't always take time to reconnect with the people in my life. Beyond just liking pictures on Instagram and an occasional "hey girl" text, I think its so IMPORTANT to actually CALL and SEE your friends and family. We all have to do a better job at being REAL humans outside of our cellphone screens.

When I have positive, loving people around me- I feel inspired to do dope shit.

I want to do more, think more and be more because I feel supported and inspired by those who I trust. We have all been there, entertaining friends that NEVER ask how you are doing or constantly being the "soundboard" and not the one doing the sounding. As an adult, I know that energy and positive vibes are everything and I prioritize being around like-minded people who make me want to be my best and lift me up when I feel my worst.


This month, I did a check-in on my 2018 INTENTIONS (original post here) since we are nearing the end of quarter 2! For those of you who have no idea what in the world I am talking about.. the year is broken up into 4 quarters comprised of three month increments. All of that is a fancy way of saying that the end of June will be the official middle of year. I like to look at the year in quarters because it is easier for me to digest 3 month increments of time rather than actual days/ months remaining. The end of a quarter feels like I am running a giant theoretical pen through a checklist. The end of a quarter makes me feel accomplished.

I write (physically write down) goals every single month and take those same goals and use them to set priorities for each and every week.

Instead of tackling a million little things on my to-do list (which can make me feel overwhelmed immediately), I try to prioritize 4-5 substantial goals for the week. Since I work Monday- Friday, I try to have my week list accomplished by Friday at 1pm.

Before I write down ANY goal on my list, I ask myself "what am I trying to accomplish with this goal and how is it going to help me feel good." Even tasks like doctors appointments or checking in with your child's school should have an intention behind them. By constantly asking myself this question, I elevate the "busy work" and I make sure I am accomplishing things that have real meaning.

Tip: Schedule your week of intentions on Friday (the week before) so you can make sure you do not inflict anxiety on yourself on Sunday night!


If you are nothing like me, Saturdays are reserved for all of the shit you were not able to get done during the week. I used to save my nail appointments, hair appointments, bill paying and house cleaning until Saturday and literally by 7pm- I FELT EXHAUSTED. Because I was trying to get EVERYTHING done on one day, my weekends never felt relaxing or restful.

IF you can, try to get your normal Saturday routines done throughout the week in the evening (if you work full time). My nail shop stays open until 8 and my hair lady (gotta love a Dominican blow out) stays open until 7.

When I get my normal (me necessities) accomplished during the week, I am able to actually reserve my weekends for relaxing and family time!


I don't care what your income level is- BUDGETING IS ESSENTIAL to a successful month, year- actually LIFE. I feel so much more calm and productive when I know my bills are being paid in a timely way. If you can, set up auto-pay. I know people don't always like autopay because they like to be the one to actually hit the green light on paying a bill, but it takes so much off of my plate knowing I do not have to remember to pay my normal, set bills.

To be able to travel and enjoy yourself during the month, you need to get organized with your finances and identify areas to cut to make sure you are meeting your savings goals (we save literally 40% of EVERY DOLLAR that comes into our home). At the end of the month, plan out your budget for the next month giving yourself a "fun allowance" to be able to still do the kick ass stuff you want to do without having the lights turned off in the process.


Do NOT be afraid to say no. STOP saying yes to things out of guilt and necessity and be realistic with YOURSELF about what does and does not work for you. You will free yourself when you start saying no to things and start saying YES to yourself (SELF CARE).


This is a big one.

Make sure you are setting healthy, realistic limits on your social media time, presence and commitments. My husband and I just recently had a discussion about how much time social media was sucking from our lives. PLUS if your IG feed is ANYTHING like mine (I'm trying to edit it down y'all) you may run across shit on social media that doesn't make you feel your best. While social media is critical to running a business or brand- it CANNOT be everything.

We have a NO PHONE after 10pm goal. I say goal because it does not always work out, but basically we try not to be on social media M-F after 10pm. I also started keeping my phone away from my bed at night so I am less tempted to grab it at night and scroll IG.

The emails will always be there. The trolls will ALWAYS BE TROLLS- so slay your month by not being a slave to the social media hype. Turn off your social media notifications and give yourself IG SLOTS of time during your day to scroll your feed. Remember that social media is just an edited portrayal of someones life (similar to TV). Do not let the IG hype let you feel less than or inferior.


This is a no brainer for me, but when my house is in chaos or a mess- I feel zero productivity. I am ruled by my surroundings and I need my space to feel orderly or I will fail at EVERYTHING I have to do. While cleaning the house only 1 day a week can feel daunting, I try to do small tasks daily to make sure my house is clean for me by Saturday. Clean a bathroom during the evening on a weekday, put away dishes and clothes overnight, vacuum a few times a week- doing small tasks everyday equal large success.


I suck at this guys!

No lie, I hate it, But I must admit that when I do wake up early, I feel 10x more productive then when I don't. If you struggle with pressing snooze, try changing your wakeup time by at least 30 minutes every week. If you normally HAVE to be up by 7 to get to work on time (with the bare minimum amount of makeup to actually look alive), try changing your wakeup time to 6:30 for a week. Once you master 6:30- move it down to 6:00am.

You will be surprised how much you can actually get done in 30 minutes of ALONE time. Take a bath during those 30 minutes, actually amen yourself a REAL breakfast (not from the drive-thru) or simply have a talk with yourself via meditation. Whatever you need to do during your morning to feel your best self- DO IT!

So there you have it- my top 8 tips to create a kick, ass month! I am off to start my Memorial Day Weekend early.


Drop some suggestions below <3

Love ya!


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