Beautiful on a Budget- Room Styling Under $100 Bucks

I love to save money. It literally gives me all the feels when I am able to achieve an expensive look in my house for LESS. I have been connecting with so many of my readers who are looking for the real tea on how to make a room look chic without spending major coins so I decided I would start the Beautiful on Budget series here on the blog.

Every week, in addition to my normal blog post- I will do a small post featuring a design that you can implement in your own home for under $150 BUCKS! Thats right, for about the price of brunch with bottomless mimosas (at least for me) you can give a room in your home a major facelift courtesy of meeee :) Thank me later baby.

Each week, I will feature a different room you can tackle and I will alternate what styles I focus on in the designs. If you have any recommendations for styles/ rooms, be a doll and drop them below.

This week I will be tackling the... (drumroll please).... Bathroom! probably the most requested E-design space I have.

For this design, I wanted to feature functional basics that can really make any bathroom feel more custom and spa-like and less crappy (no pun intended). All of the items in this design total under $150 bucks and can be purchased at Target & TJ Maxx- which is a major score.

One of the biggest tips I have for making your bathroom feel more spa-like and less cheap rental is to fix what you can fix and hide the rest. Kind of like the saying, "Fake it until you make it," there are so many little minor updates in your bathroom that you can do that are simple, reversible (if you need to move out) and cheap.

If you can, ditch the old towel rack (you know, the long bar ones) and switch them out for metal coat hooks (found on amazon here). Hanging white towels on hooks instantly makes your bathroom feel more spa-like and you will not have to drive yourself crazy trying to perfectly fold towels on those dumb racks.

Also, a lot of people are scared of white towels. WHY!! they can be easily bleached and they look so much nicer than the magenta colored ones you were considering (jk.. maybe). I like to roll my towels up and put them in a giant basket in the bathroom.

If I could drop a statistic about how dirty it is to keep your toothbrush visible and open in the bathroom, you would probably throw up in your mouth a little. If I were you, ditch the stuff on your countertops (unless you want poop particles on your toothbrush everyday). I like a really clean, minimal look in the bathroom and that includes storing all of my beauty goods under the sink, not on the countertop. I recommend using a wood tray like the one I have above to feature glass soap bottles and glass containers to hold cotton balls, q-tips etc.

Don't be afraid to integrate art into your bathroom, especially if you cannot paint. Larger prints add detail and really set the mood for the entire space. The version I included above is only 35$ from TJ Maxx.

Some of my other favorite tips for making your bathroom feel more spa-like would be to frame the mirror with inexpensive wood like we did here.

Framing the bathroom mirror literally cost like 10$ worth of supplies and 25 minutes worth of time but it made a major difference in the way the bathroom looked.

Anyways, Im excited to start this new feature on my blog and I hope you all enjoy my tips and tricks. If you have recommendations for rooms to feature or you would like to see a particular style on Beautiful on Budget, please drop me a comment below.

Side note- I started a baby clothes line after my daughter Nova Rae called NOVIE ROSE COLLECTION. You can check out all of the cute baby styles here.

As always, thank you for all of your support! Have an amazing week.


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