The 7 Things You Need From Ikea- shhhh, They Are All Under $100 Bucks

Hey girl hey!! I hope you are having a kick-ass, amazing week so far. Although I was out of commission all last week, I'm feeling 1000x more energized and functional this week. I don't know if there is anything worse then having a cough during 100 degree heat. Can you relate?

Anyways, a bunch of my readers have been sliding into my DM's asking about my top Ikea furniture or home decor recommendations. I will start by saying that I have a love, hate relationship with the Swedish super store. Yes, I love to save my coins for things that actually are worth investment, however, shopping at Ikea takes imagination. Unless you are super creative or you stalk Pinterest like I do, turning a basic ass piece of furniture from Ikea into something that looks super high-end can be challenging. I have compiled a list of the best Ikea finds that I personally love.


RAST CHEST- The Rast is a personal favorite of mine. Even though the design of it looks super plain Jane- the potential of this cheap piece is amazing. By doing a simple search on Pinterest, you can find a million and one hacks of the plain Rast chest for super cheap. Right now, I use the Rast Chest as nightstands on both sides of my bed in the Master Bedroom. By adding wood stain, new drawer pulls and some white paint, we were able to transform this basic piece into a nightstand that looks expensive and chic.

PRO TIP- Add legs to your Rast Chest (available online or in home improvement stores). Raising the chest off of the ground instantly gives the dresser a more substantial look.

SINDAD BASKET- The Sindad basket is a new piece at Ikea, but people in the home decor nerd community are loving the minimalist design of the basket. I love using baskets as actual decor accessories as well as functional storage.

PRO TIP- Store throw blanks or decorative pillows in the Sindad Basket in the corner of a room.


KALLAX STORAGE- The Ikea Kallax Storage Center has been around for a long time and is a very versatile piece of furniture. Probably one of the most "hackaable" furniture pieces from Ikea, small styling changes make this basic cube organizer look chic and functional. We currently are using the Kallax Storage unit as an entertainment center in our living room. By adding legs, styling accents and a long wood top- we were able to transform the Kalllax Organizer for under $100 bucks.

PRO TIP- By adding a piece of foam wrapped in pretty fabric to the top of the Kallax, you can transform this piece into custom bench seating.

VITTSJO NESTING TABLES- The Vittsjo Nesting Table is a sleek, minimal piece that has major potential. The nesting table set is only $69.99 and features a matte, black metal frame which is great for spray painting. Try wrapping the glass inserts in marble or colored contact paper for an extra bit of jazz.

SINNERLIG LIGHT- We currently have the Sinnerlig light hanging in our breakfast nook and I have to admit that this light is one of my favorite light fixtures. The installation of this ceiling light is very simple (I recommend Youtube if you are a beginner) and the texture of the lamp shade gives off a beautiful glow in the evening time.


BILLY BOOKSHELF- The Ikea Billy Bookshelf comes in a variety of finishes (dark brown, white, grey and unstained wood) and is a favorite of mine. The bookshelf may be simple (and easy to assemble thank God), but the possibilities for adding both style and function to any space is major.

PRO TIP- Cover the back panel of the Ikea Billy Bookshelf in peel and stick wallpaper, spray paint or even pretty wrapping paper. The added detail will make the piece feel more custom and it can easily be changed out when you update your decor.

SANELA CURTAINS- Ikea has great curtain options to meet every budget and I love that they offer a variety of lengths to fit your needs. I recommend using blackout curtains for the bedroom in lush fabrics like velvet or silk. For neutral spaces, try the long white panels.

With just a bit of imagination, you can transform just about any Ikea piece into something that looks less Bachelor Pad and more Sex and the City. What are some of your favorite Ikea finds?

Until Next Time <3


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