Beautiful on Budget Series- Major Living in a Living Room

For the Beautiful on Budget Series this week we are focusing on the Living Room because if you are anything like my family- most of everything gets done in there. I would say that decorating a Living Room on a budget can be challenging because....

1) It requires furniture (and good quality furniture)

2) The best Living Room designs evolve over time. The worst thing you could ever do is go to a big box furniture store and say "I want everything in model A."

3) A certain level of function is required in the Living Room especially if you have a TV. How seating is placed is greatly dependent on the overall layout of the room.

By incorporating smaller accents throughout the space and keeping things unique and fresh, your Living Room will feel more like YOU and less like a mailed catalogue. If at all possible, I definitely recommend incorporating paint in any Living Room space and keeping a consistent paint color flowing throughout the main areas of your home. Not only will consistent paint make the space feel larger, it will help to ground different styles and textures for overall cohesion.

Every piece listed in these designs is under $150 bucks and I think the pieces can be fit together over time (to save money).

Vintage Emeralds

I love mixing metals and wood finishes. I think the two textures combined creates a very warm and comfy look. For this design, I would recommend incorporating a cool paint color like Stonington Grey by Benjamin Moore

A beautiful, cool grey that can either appear pretty light or warm depending on the natural light in the space.

The other great thing about this design is it does a great job at mixing decor styles in a way that doesn't feel forced. If you choose to do a design like this in the Living Room, I recommend keeping the rest of the accessories light in the room. Neutral throw pillows, soft throw blankets and fresh greenery and florals will help the space feel sophisticated.

Blue Vibes

I love mixing blue and aqua colors. I have blue accents all through my home and its one of the most versatile colors in my opinion. I think the navy blue in this design blends well with lighter gold accents and lots of greenery. When doing decor styling with a blue color, try mixing colors within the same family (blues with aqua with baby blue) and keep your paint colors light and airy to make sure the room doesn't feel too dark. I would consider this design to be pretty contemporary in style, but don't let that limit you.

Another great thing about this design is that everything that is pictured (besides the arm chair) is under $150 bucks which means you get major style on the cheap. To further accent this room, I would add a neutral rug (think cream or light grey with a minimal pattern) and a cushy sectional (like this one from Ikea).

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore would be a great color to include in this design because it is a neutral without being too dark or heavy. Revere Pewter is a favorite among the Interior design community and known for being a "go-to" color when you are looking for a neutral.

Blush & Neutrals

This last design is very girly and probably will work for you if you are Carrie Bradshaw and living the ultimate single-lady life. I love this design because not only is it feminine, but it is still sophisticated also. Gone are the days where we can hang up a giant "GIRL BOSS" poster in your Living Room (please don't ever do that). This design shows that you can still keep your decor lady like without having the entire room dripping in metallic accents and blush colors.

This design is a bit more pricey (the chair is $500 bucks) but the rest of the accents could easily be swapped out for budget alternatives that look similar. For the remaining design, I would use a rug that had grey or blush colors. As for couch options, I would keep things aligned with the light cream color (hopefully you don't have kids that are as messy as mine).

As for paint, I recommend a soft grey paint like Sherwin Williams Repose Grey. This color is so versatile and also one of my favorite colors to use as a neutral.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this week's Beautiful on a Budget. Drop me a line if you want to see a certain room/ style featured on the blog. I love to put together designs that help you all think outside of the box in terms of design for the cheap.

G2G get back to listening to this new Christina Aguilera CD. Have you heard it yet? Its auhhhhmazzing!


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