7 Beauty Products You Need Like NOW + Face Lift & Botox Update

Hey :) Happy Tuesday! Am I the only one who thinks of Tuesday's as an extension of Monday's? Literally Tuesday just feels like a long ass Monday to me.

Anyways, I am finally putting together a collage of my top 7 Makeup Products that I think everyone should have in their life like now plus they are budget friendly AND you do not need to be a professional MUA to use these products which is a MAJOR SCORE.

I am VERY low maintenance when it comes to my beauty and hair routine. When I was younger (and not married), my 'get ready" routine took about an hour and I was always slayed when I came to work. We are talking full hair, makeup, lashes and cheap heels (hey, there is nothing wrong with trendy, cheap heels mmmkay). Now, time is my number when priority when it comes to my beauty routine and I am generally ready within 25min tops. I will say that utilizing an easier, protective style would cut down on my hair time substantially, but I have not yet found a wig or braided hair style that I want to rock so TBD on that one.

The great thing is most of these products can be purchased from Amazon and they are PRIME friendly which is a big PLUS in my book. I personally use ALL of these products almost everyday and I love the fact that they are budget friendly, easy to apply and very versatile. I have linked all of the products here!


1. Airspun Loose Powder

2. Elf Eyeshadow Pallet

3. NYX Perfect Red Lipstick

4. Ardell Wispies Lashes

5. Loreal Lumi Glowtion in Light

6. Anatasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Highlighter

7. WOOSH Beauty Pallet

My everyday face routine is pretty simple. I start off by using my Loreal Glowtion with a makeup sponge and I tap a creamy concealer under the dark circles under my eyes. I like to use my loose powder right after I apply my concealer to "bake" it and then I finish off the rest of my face with a darker powder like the "blender" in the Woosh Beauty pallet.

I usually like to keep lash extensions on because it saves a lot of time, but if I don't have them I use my elf pallet to use a shimmery shadow on my eye lids and a finish them off with my Ardell lashes.

I have a round face, so contour is everything. My favorite contour pallet is actually from Woosh Beauty and its called the Total Face pallet. I think I wear the color "medium."

Finally, during the summer I do not like to leave the house without a poppin highlight and the Amrezy one from Anatasia is the best for my skin tone.

I am not an expert on makeup and over the years, my makeup routine has gone from super high maintenance to just the basics.


A few weeks ago I shared that I had gotten some Botox and filler work from Truffles Medspa in Georgia and I received so many questions in my DM's about the process. Did it hurt? was it expensive? how noticeable is it? how long does it last?

Everyone knows that I am no stranger to self enhancements and I am all for them within reason. Modern medicine exists for people to take advantage of it and while I think natural beauty is always the way to go, some of us could use a little refresh every now and then.

When deciding to do Botox or any type of facial filler you MUST see a trained professional. People tend to take Botox or fillers lightly as if it is something as simple as an eyebrow wax or lashes, but ITS NOT. Going to a trained medspa or licensed technician is so key to achieving natural, beautiful results. Being cheap is not the way to go on a procedure like Botox or Filler so make sure to save up your coins before you decide to go under the needle.

Also, remember that everyone's face is unique. What you see on one person, doesn't necessarily mean it should be the same technique for your face. A trained professional should be able to customize a treatment specifically to fit your unique facial structure and anything that is done should compliment your face, not distract from it.

As far as pain, it doesn't really hurt at all. The vibe is very similar to a pinch or a small shot. Most medspa's will use topical numbing cream which really helps with the pain and honestly I didn't feel it at all while it was being done. After the procedure, my face was a bit sore, but nothing that was too major.


At Truffles Medspa, I had Botox injections around my jawline area to help define my face more and filler injected into my contour area (upper cheekbone) to help give the illusion of a slimmer face (until I get to loosing my 35lbs).

I am also looking to continue to lip injections at my next visit as well because who doesn't want sexier lips?

One day, I will do a full plastic surgery post, but I have held back for several reasons. I am in no way ashamed of the work I have had done, I just don't want people to believe that surgery is an "easy fix" or a one size fits all for anything. I think surgery is very hard on the body and the real change has to come from HEALTH. That includes what you eat and how you take care of yourself.

Until next time loves!


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