I'm Back and I'm Better

Hey Girls Heyyyyy (or boys- we like equal opportunities over here). I AM BACK!!! I cant believe its been literally a million months since I have posted on the blog. The break was so needed and I moved into 2019 focused and clear on what I wanted this platform to be. Sometimes you need to just get quiet, disconnect and spend some time with yourself- I AM SO GLAD I DID THAT.

For those of you who have been rocking with the blog since the beginning- welcome back!! For those of you who are new to the tribe, I am so happy to have you. The website has gotten a mini makeover BBL style. There is a new logo, new colors, new fonts and a new general layout on the site. While I love my baby, D Violet Interiors, it was only a tiny piece of the overall platform I needed to build. Through Instagram, I have built up the community of DAILY BY NIKKI D through my random thoughts, positive words, productivity hacks and life ISH.... My followers have grown through Daily by Nikki D and continued to share so many inspiring stories about how my words have helped and inspired them. It was through CONNECTING WITH YOU, I became clear on my passion... It was through you that I channeled this passion with the intention of INSIRING OTHERS.

Daily by Nikki D has evolved into a space where I share things that help women harness their potential and maximize their productivity to live life their passion. Through regular blog posts, E-books, productivity products (coming soon) and soon, videos- I hope to continue to inspire you to stop living in your "When is my time" and into "I am going to win, its my time."

Drumroll Please-To start things off right, I am excited to announce that my first EVER E-Book is now available on the website!!!

That's right, I have launched an E-BOOK that is pretty damn cool. The book, "7 Days to Financial Fitness" is a complete guide on how to stop avoiding your finances and start achieving financial success. The book provides PRACTICAL, real-deal tips, tricks and actionable steps to organizing your finances both physically (no more lost documents and missed payments) and proactively (setting up a plan for success). With homework pages, a whole page dedicated to RESOURCES and a 3-step approach to getting your finances ready to tackle whatever- This E-Book is the ultimate beginners guide. Whether you know NOTHING about finances or have just gotten off track, I am sure you will enjoy "7 Days to Financial Fitness" (linked here).

Speaking of financial realness, have you started AUTOSAVING in 2019? If you follow my Instagram you know that I am a BIG supporter of automating your finances, especially SAVING. The gag is sis, YOU MUST PAY YOURSELF FIRST. With the government shutdown a few weeks behind us, now is the time to protect yourself through an emergency savings. No matter how much money you may have to start, no amount is too small to get the ball rolling. With us deep in tax season, PLEASE make an aggressive plan to maximize your refund and beef up your savings account.

One of the platforms I use is DIGIT. This online platform connects with your debit card to AUTOMATICALLY save minimal amounts from your account based on your spending habits. Completely customizable, you can create personalized savings goals (HELLOOO, VACATION) based on time or budget amount. If you find that you need to access your money STAT, no problem, you can quickly transfer from the app. Why is Digit better than using a Savings account at your bank? Because its not at your bank silly. Keeping your savings somewhere you cannot easily access it or see it everyday makes you more likely to STICK with your savings goals!

To launch you signing up (because I would not recommend something that I do not use myself), you can sign up with my link and get $5 to start off your savings goal!! Who doesn't like free money?

What are your financial goals for 2019? What changes are you willing to make so you can achieve your goals? I am looking forward to holding us ALL accountable this year.

To get the E- BOOK, Click Here <3


<3 Nikki D

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