7 Things to Do Every Sunday to Slay Your Week

Its Sunday... I am sitting here braless, hair-wrapped with my fuzzy slippers on. My face is tight from a green face mask (hello giant zit on my cheek) and I am enjoying the All-Star game sipping on wine with Hubby. Its not an IG worthy sight, but its comfy, NECESSARY and I am feeling a bit more rested and peaceful as I transition into my busy week.

Lets face it, most of us dread Sunday's. While the week DRAGS on, the weekend zooms by so quick. If you have kids like I do, most Saturday's are taken up with running errands that you could not accomplish during the week, kids in tow. With my son playing competitive basketball right now, Saturday mornings (and afternoons) are spent cheering (or yelling) from the bleachers. by Saturday evening, before I know it, its 5pm and I am plotting on what to do for dinner- there is absolutely no time.

It is critical for me to use Sunday's properly otherwise my entire week feels wack and unorganized. I have come up wit my top 7 must-do activities on Sunday to slap your week.

7. Thou shall not save all shopping for Sunday's (this would include Target folks)- This is major. Do NOT spend your entire weekend, let alone Sunday in the damn store. While it may sound like the most logical option, shopping on Sunday is a total time sucker. I cant tell you how many times I have saved my grocery shopping or target runs for a Sunday and wasted hours shopping, loading and unloading groceries and goods.

Instead, try to be organized with your shopping runs. Do your grocery shopping on the way home from work in the evening (less people in the store anyway on the weekdays). Take 10 minutes to actually write a shopping list AFTER figuring out what you already have in your pantry and fridge. If you live in an area that offers it, Instacart or Amazon Marketplace are lifesavers for grocery delivery. IF you must head to the market on a Sunday, try to go in the morning before 11- you will be more likely to be in and out without overspending on items you don't need.

6. Create a Family Connection Meal- Like Sunday Breakfast- On Sunday's we make breakfast at home. I am so blessed to have a husband who actually enjoys to cook and we all enjoy having a nice breakfast on Sunday's. With 90's jams playing, a good meal and a thoughtful prayer, I love the grounded feeling that eating a family breakfast together provides. To cut down on mess, I clean WHILE I cook. Unless we are feeling fancy, we use paper plates for breakfast and nobody seems to mind. After breakfast is over, we all pitch in to clean the kitchen and vacuum the living room. Spending quality time together on Sunday is a small piece of joy I look forward to every week. In addition to bonding, I also use our sit down meal to talk about any activities that everyone may have planned for the week.

5. Take an Hour and Do your Hair Sis- I think this goes without saying, but unless you naturally have hair growing from your scalp that is easy and care-free, PREP YOUR HAIR ON SUNDAY'S, this would include wigs. On Sunday, I wash my hair, prep my style depending on how I am planning on rocking my hair through the week and I WRAP THAT SHIT UP. Having my head ready to go on Monday makes my morning 20x easier.

4. Personal Planning- I use Sunday afternoons to plan and strategize in my journal and planner. As most of you know, I am an avid planner and I literally cannot live without my "everyday notebook" with me at all times. I use Saturday afternoon to write down my TOP priorities for the week. I do not write down EVERY SINGLE TO DO that I may have for the week. Instead, I list my tasks by priority and importance and I categorize those tasks by personal, professional and family-related so I know exactly what is going on in my entire world. Using Sunday afternoons rather than Sunday nights allows me to actually REST and reflect in the evening time as I transition into the week. The worst thing you can do is get anxiety on Sunday evening because of the daunting list of things you have to get done during the week. Dedicate an hour on Sunday afternoon and plan what you need to do. Once its written down, do not crack open your notebook until Monday morning.

3. Clean your Crib- Before you roll your eyes, I do NOT recommend using your ENTIRE Sunday to clean your house. Properly cleaning my entire house takes 4+ hours, no joke. I refuse to spend my entire day cleaning my house and I don't recommend anyone else to do it either. I do however recommend that you clean your room. Why? You wake up in your bedroom and you go to sleep in your bedroom. Going to sleep and waking up in a clean environment is calming and helps to squash any anxiety. To keep the other rooms of your home clean, try my 30-minute speed cleaning process during the week. If you do small, focused cleaning sessions during the week, you are less likely to need to deep clean for hours on your day off.

2. Get your Finances Fit- On Sunday's, I find it productive to quickly survey my finances for the week. What bills do I have coming out on autopay during the week? What income or deposits am I expecting? Any large purchases that may arise during the week? Using Sunday to quickly check on your finances is a major boss key that is super helpful. Most banks will automatically update accounts on Monday morning and the worst feeling ever is expecting to have a certain amount of coins in the bank only to check your account on Monday morning and see you are short. Take 15 minutes on Sunday to keep yourself aligned regarding your money. If you need EXTRA help in getting your finances right, check out my 18 page E-Guide, "7 Days to Financial Fitness."

1. Journal + Self-Care= Success- Transition into your week with a positive mind. Use a journal and simply start listing things that you feel good about. Rather than pedicures and massages, self-care is really about staying mindful and focused on what may lie ahead. Create YOU time in your life. Do not allow others( kids and husband included) to infiltrate this time. Whether you have 20 minutes or an hour to spend, create space in your Sunday routine for YOU-CARE. Journal, reflect, read, learn something, pamper yourself, whatever it is, make sure its about YOU.

As women, we are constantly being pulled in 2 million directions all the time. IF you do not pour into your own cup, it will be impossible to pour into anyone else. What is in your metaphorical cup is for you, the overflow is for everyone else. If for no other reason, prioritize the care of yourself so you can tackle the thousand of things that are going to come at you this week.

Keep in mind- there is no Sunday that is perfect. While IG makes us believe that we have to be positive and care-free like a tampax commercial, this is simply not real life. By creating a routine that works for YOUR life and sticking to it, you begin to honor yourself and the million things that you tackle on a weekly basis.

How do you get yourself ready to tackle the week on Sunday? What are your must-do activities? Drop a comment and let me know how you unwind on Sunday's. I g2g wash off this face mask, my skin is starting to feel like plaster.


<3 Nikki D

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