I Feel Like I Just Gave Birth- Hello PWP2019

This is a general disclaimer that I did not in fact give birth recently and I am only talking about the release of the 2019 Purpose with Productivity Planner that is on pre-order sale now. Sorry to bust your bubble, but my uterus and I are on hiatus for a few years :)

Guys, the Purpose with Productivity Planner has been my baby for the last 5-6 months and it has finally released for sale on Dailybynikkid.com. I have cried with this planner, learned from this planner and all in all- I am super excited about how the final version came out. The Purpose Planner was a magical "Niekiha-ish" idea that came about in November 2018. Those who know me personally know I cannot live without always writing stuff down. A few months ago I started featuring my random journal/planning sessions on my IG stories and began receiving a bunch of feedback from you all about how I plan my week to be productive. After about the 200-th message, I knew I had to take a stab at creating a custom planner on my own because I am truly passionate about living a purpose-driven life and I believe all women should be able to achieve this too.

Truth moment- this shit was hard af and 100% outside of my comfort zone. I consider myself a pretty creative person, but creating the Purpose with Productivity Planner was hard.. like really hard. I designed every single page of the Planner from scratch, I did not have the luxury of working with a trained graphic designer who could make all my planner dreams come true and each page was created from my thoughts and YOUR feedback. There were many nights I sat up in front of my computer in tears over too many glasses of wine crying like a big ass baby because I couldn't find the right font or my color scheme wasn't making sense. Add in the fact that since the book is printed entirely in color, the production process has been super confusing and expensive as well.

In the future, I may launch a masterclass or an E-Guide on HOW to create a custom planner because I've found that there are limited to no resources out there to assist anyone in taking on this process. If you are considering launching a custom planner or journal and want one-on-one assistance, reach out to me.

All struggles aside- I figured it out and the Purpose with Productivity Planner is something I am truly proud of. Dedication + God's Timing= Everything Possible. I followed my passion, my goals and I did not let the inevitable roadblock stand in my way. I am truly blessed.

The Purpose Planner is over 220+ pages of workbook-style prompts, affirmations and general planning sheets. In addition to 12 (undated) monthly calendars and weekly plan sheets, the Planner has pages that cover..

+ Yearly Goals- What are they and how will you reach them?

+ Kill Procrastination- In 2019, we are moving past just having an idea. This worksheet will help you outline the HOW behind your WHY

+ Self- Care is Wealth- A monthly self-care worksheet so you can stay peaceful while working towards your purpose

+ Monthly Affirmation Worksheets- Start the month off right by declaring your I am, I have and I will statements

+ Inspirational Quotes to keep you feeling refreshed

+ Weekly Meal Planning Sheets

+ Grocery List Template

+ Monthly Budget

+ Positivity and Reflection Sheet to wrap up the end of the month

+ Lined Journal Pages for random thoughts

The Purpose with Productivity Planner has everything you need to not only get organized with your day-to-day life, but to start working towards maximizing your purpose as well. As women, we tend to get so wrapped up in being everything for everyone that we neglect our own goals, thoughts and desires. Whether this plays itself out in how we neglect self-care or how long we stay in a job we dislike, we tend to ignore our purpose to fulfill our priorities- THIS MUST STOP THIS YEAR. We can have it all and the Purpose Planner will help jumpstart that journey for you.

It is possible to fulfill your priorities (home, family, kids, work etc.) while striving to work towards finding our purpose. While social media has us thinking that everyone can be #goals overnight, there is still a journey that must take place when we are trying to get to that purpose-driven life we want. Financial security is great (we all love that), but money cant be what drives your purpose. If you cant take time to identify what you feel passionate about, how will you find the time to start working on your goals to achieve it? Working in your PURPOSE must be your PRIORITY.

The Purpose with Productivity Planner is currently on pre-sale and I am offering a discount at checkout for another week. The physical planner is expected to ship the week of 3/28 and those who order during the pre-sale will receive an extra gift from me:) To get a discount at checkout, use code PURPOSEPLAN19. For those ladies who still need a bit of time to figure out if the physical planner is for you, the Purpose Planner also comes in an E-Download version for only $12.00 bucks and is a great tool to try.

Before I announce it on the Gram, I am doing a free-giveaway of the Purpose with Productivity Planner to 3 ladies (or men). To enter the giveaway ( and my subscribers are obviously getting this information early FYI)

STEPS to Enter the Giveaway

1. Simply "like" the IG post tomorrow on my IG page at 4pm EST

2. Take a screenshot of the Purpose Planner post to repost

3. Share your screenshot on your IG story before 12am EST with the #PurposePlanner.

*If you do not have Instagram, you can post the screenshot on whatever social media platform you use (just email me the proof of posting)

4. EXTRA POINTS- On IG, Use the #PurposePlanner and share HOW you will be working towards finding or maintaining your purpose in 2019.

As always, thank you for all of your continued love, support and magic. I cant wait to read and share all of your responses tomorrow. I appreciate all of you more than you know.

So much love and gratitude


<3 Nikki D

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