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I am back this week with a new series called Design on a Dime. In this new series, I will tackle a common interior design/ home organization challenge by providing real life (and real wallet) examples to get a HGTV-worthy design in your home no matter what your budget is.

Yesterday, I went to IG stories to ask you all what rooms/ design dilemmas you would want to see featured in this segment of the blog. I was shocked to see most of you wanted helped with tackling the kids rooms. TOYS, CLOTHES, STORAGE, DESIGN and did I say, TOYS. This week, I wanted to put together a quick design that featured not only storage options for a little boy's room but style as well. Gone are the days were we throw Disney characters everywhere around the room and call it cute. In this design, I will show you all of the ways you can combine function, color and style in a children's bedroom without it feeling too stiff or being too expensive.

Most of the items I featured in this design are under $100 and can be purchased online. If you cannot find a particular item online, feel free to use the images as inspiration in your own design.

The Issue: Kids rooms are tough. You want the room to feel inviting and comfortable for your little one, but you do not want it to look like a circus in there either. Depending on the age of your child, the designs that they think are "cool" at age 6 are obviously going to change by age 9 which can make interior styling, EXPENSIVE as well.

In this design, I wanted to focus on STORAGE and color for the bedroom. Ideally, you should always aim to implement a storage solution that can be maintained by your little one with supervision. The Barney "Clean up" song doesn't exist for no reason ladies. Good cleaning habits start at the age of 5-6. If you have a bedroom that is functional and fun for your little one AND you stay consistent with implementing a daily (sometimes 2x a day) cleanup routine- your child's bedroom will stay clean and tidy no matter how many Batman toys they have.

Specialty Storage- Books and Small Items

Books and small items need to be accessible for kids while not being destroyed in the process. I love using bookshelves that are not too tall and in bright colors to really make a statement. This bookshelf is only 48 inches tall and in a bright blue color so it can grow with your child as they mature.

Toy Storage- Cube Organizer is the GOAT

Cube organizers are an excellent tool for toy storage. Not only are they functional, they actually look nice with customized storage boxes that can be easily changed out depending on how the room is updated. Cube organizers are affordable enough to implemented in multiple spaces of your home and storage bins are accessible and easy to use for your little one. Ikea, Amazon and even Walmart all sell storage cube organizers all at affordable prices. To DIY your cube organizer a bit, try adding feet or metal coasters (wheels) to the bottom. The process is VERY simple, will add height to your piece and will make your cube organizer feel expensive and custom.

Stuffed Animal Storage- All of the friends need a home

I love storage soultions that are not only functional but look cute as well. This 3 basket ladder storage can be EASILY spray painted in a fun color to match your child's bedroom. I would use this system to store stuffed animals, large toys and even favorite blankets that your little one can grab when they need them. Even though this basket system is not intended for a child's bedroom, it can be easily repurposed to give you the storage that you need with just a quick coat of spray paint and styling.

Rugs Over Carpet- It is a YES Folks

I don't know who made the rule that you cannot place an area rug over carpet, but they were drunk. Area rugs are like the eyelashes of a room. Without a rug, a room feels empty and unfinished. Children's rooms are great places to lay a colorful area rug over carpet. Kids will love the extra layer of comfort and you will love not having to deal with spills and crumbs on the carpet. I love this bright area rug and because of all of the colors, it will match with anything.

Wall Art- Mix it up

If you are anything like me you get 1000x "art" projects brought home every week. I used to try to save EVERY masterpiece that my son brought home until I realized that I could not store a million pieces of construction paper with handprints on them. While I love to showoff a great school art project on the refrigerator, I also like to hang up a few pieces of my child's artwork in their own room. Not only can the art be changed out pretty frequently, but most kids feel a sense of accomplishment to see their personal art masterpiece hanging up in their room. To keep the room still looking stylish, try DIY'ing a system like the one I included below. 3 regular wood planks that have been wood stained can be transformed into a customized hanging system for the walls.

Wall art doesn't need to be expensive, especially for your child's bedroom. Try thrifting unique pieces that can be repurposed and repainted into unique statement art. The canvas quote prints can cost a pretty penny, instead find cool FREE pintables offline, print and frame them yourself for easily customizable art for any room. Old maps and prints also make cool feature pieces in children's rooms.

Use a Trashcan- YES, a Trashcan

Now before you give me the sideeye, I need you to use your HGTV imagination for a second. METAL old school trashcans make EXCELLENT toy storage bins. Why? They are large, easily accessible and can be moved anywhere. I also love the fact that they can be easily customized with spray paint, stencils or coaster wheels for a unique, expensive look. This metal trashcan (you can also find one of these at any hardware store) is perfect for storing large toys and other fun goodies for your little one. I would spray paint this trash can using a bright color paint and I would section off a design using painters tape. Coaster wheels (the metal ones) are sold at hardware stores for about $10 and would allow this toy storage to be portable from room to room.

Ditch the Toddler Bed- You Will Have to Soon Enough Anyway

I know this is controversial, but I never bought my son a toddler bed. Why? because I felt they were not substantial enough for how rough he was. Not only that, most kids only sleep in toddler beds for a few years anyway. The price you will end up paying for a toddler bed can easily be repositioned to a twin or full size bed that can grow with your child. The sooner that you get your kids used to sleeping in a "big" bed, the less issues you will have later. I love a good quality loft bed for kids! Not only are they cool to look at, the loft setup SAVES room which is a major key when you are working with a tight space

Creating a functional, beautiful kid's room does not have to be hard or expensive. Shy away from spending major coins on a Batman themed room only to have to switch it out in two years. When you begin buying pieces to decorate a child's room, think longevity. How long will this piece last? How easy is it going to be for me to clean this piece? Can I remix this piece to fit my current or future décor? These are all questions you should ask yourself before making major transitions with a child's room. Do not be afraid to play around with color or texture for your child's bedroom. HAVE FUN!!

What challenges have you faced in creating a bedroom for your child? Have you tried thrifting or DIY? Drop your comments below. I cant wait to continue to build on this Design on a Dime series to show you all that home styling DOES not have to be complicated and should always be a true reflection of YOU.

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- Nikki D

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