Chic, Comfortable while Curvy- Does it exist?

So fashion is NOT my thing. Don't get me wrong, I love to look good, but I hate to be uncomfortable in clothes. I don't know, maybe its the California-girl in me, but I am most comfortable in cut-off jean shorts and a hoodie. Comfort is always my priority when I am picking out my clothes and when all else fails, leggings and a comfy t-shirt ALWAYS works.

Here's the thing though- I have giant boobs. Not like sexy, Pam Anderson boobs either. I have big (like bra size 34H) size tatas that make dressing conservative a REAL challenge. Add in the fact that I am 5'11 with a 27 inch waist and a giant ass, even the most simple clothes can look inappropriate on me (I am not complaining BTW). Because I am curvy, I find myself trying to hide in my clothes just so my boobs and ass are not the main attraction. I used to stay away from bright colors and loud prints because I didn't want to stand out to much (especially when I am with the kids). I did a brief stint as a NYC Bartender and even then, I felt uncomfortable (more on that another time). This year, I made a vow to stop shrinking myself because of low confidence and what better place to start that than with my wardrobe?

I am much more drawn to fit, comfort and fabrics than I am into trends these days. Having Nova made my body change a lot and I am still adjusting to my new body vs my GMO surgery body (more on that another time). In my transition, I have identified a few rules I tend to live by in staying comfortable but still put together. ENJOY!!

First of all, I don't know what life was like prior to high waisted jeans. Seriously, how did we survive the early 2000's? A good high waisted jean has the ability to make you look slimmer, taller and so put together. BUT all high-waisted jeans are not made alike. A good pair of high-waisted jeans should have a good amount of stretch to them without being the same material of jeggings. A real "denim" feel will help provide a bit of structure to your figure rather than a jean that is 100% stretch. Also high-waisted jeans should hit either at your belly button or an inch or two below. If your jeans sit too low, it will make your middle section seem wider. If your jeans sit too high, they will make you look like boobs sitting on top of legs.

The key in fit is finding the right pair of jeans that are a combination of stretch, structure and rise

My favorite places to shop for jeans are

1. Fashion Nova (great high-waisted versions and cost effective)

2. Topshop ( Jamie Jeans)

3. Joe's ( on the pricer side, but always on sale at Saks Off 5th)

4. H&M (be careful on sizing here)

Since I LOVE a good pair of worn, cut-off shorts, thrift stores are the GOAT for me. If you want a pair of comfy cut-off shorts for this summer, head to the men's section of your local Goodwill store. Because my ass and thighs are big, I usually have to grab a size 36 in vintage levis and get the waist tailored to fit me.

DIY TIP- When cutting your jeans into cut off-s, add an extra half-inch prior to making the cut in the leg. Jean cut-offs usually ride up when you are wearing them and unless you are in to the whole ass out thing, having a bit of room is always appreciated. Washing your cut-offs immediately after cutting will give you that "worn-in" look.

Basics are great because you can dress them up or down as needed. Good V-Neck T-shirts are some of my favorite closet pieces because of their vesitility and function. When shopping for a V-neck t-shirt, fabric is KEY. You want your t-shirts to have a GOOD amount of stretch to them without rolling up while you are wearing them. Your shirt should "hold you in" without being too-tight or too-loose.

I only buy my V-neck T-shirts at Target. I think they are about $8 bucks and I usually grab a few pairs of each color. The V-neck style fits me best because of my boobs, but I do have a few of the crew neck style as well.

As for loose cut V-neck shirts, I buy mine from this company on Amazon. I really like the look of a loose V-neck casually tucked into a great pair of jeans with a blazer and great heels. When you are curvier or have large breasts, steer clear of t-shirts that are too loose fitting as they will be unflattering and not define your waist. I always try to only go 1 size up for that perfectly "un-done" look.

One of my favorite places to pick up "grown woman" clothes is NY&Co. The store has changed drastically in the last 10 years. New York & Company is no longer your mother's favorite place to buy slacks! Gabrielle Union and Eva Mendes both have lines at NY&Co and trust me, the styles are on point. When I am looking for clothes for work or just a dressier vibe, I always look to NY&Co first. For us tall ladies, they actually have a TALL size that's actually tall. I love buying my dress pants from New York and Company and I think the "Madie" fit is my favorite because its a high waisted trouser with a bit of stretch and structure.

Sign up for the email list for NY&Co for discounts and coupons, they are always having a sale.

Speaking of dressier looks, I also love Express for blazers and tops. I am someone who thinks a blazer is ALWAYS a good idea (I have like 50 of them) and I love the fit of the blazers from Express. If you are on a budget, TJ Maxx also has a great variety of blazers for under $40 bucks.

If you need to rock a look that is pulled together but still comfortable, a blazer paired with a good fitting pair of jeans is always the way to go.

When a blazer or sports jacket may be too dressy, I love a long kimono. Seriously they are great because they A- Hide your butt (especially good when you are wearing short shorts) and B- They are comfy while still looking put together. I think Eudoxie (Lucadcris wife) does an AMAZING job balancing comfort and style and I ALWAYS see her rocking fierce kimonos and amazing hats. Kimono's or cardigans for winter are the GOAT seriously.

At this stage of my life, I am more focused on fit, comfort and quality. Rather than just buying trends or stuff because its on sale (I am always guilty of this), I am moving into a season where I want my closet to be filled with pieces that all make me feel EQUALLY beautiful. Stuff that is too small, too revealing or just not the right vibe MUST GO. I can no longer spend hours getting ready and I want to look put together, but still effortless when I am dressing it up. Knowing that I have these big boobs (for now), I don't want my "assets" to be the focus of my appearance. I may never be a size 4, but I still want to look chic and I refuse to believe that the effortless look is reserved only for size A boobs or a size 4 ass.

What are your go-to fashion staples? How do you stay chic and comfortable? Drop me a comment below and let me know.

Until Next Time Lovers


Nikki D

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