Congratulations, Your Baby is a....

Ahhhh the gender reveal, how did our parents live without an IG worthy gender reveal party? The pink or blue colored cake, the lead up anticipation to the surprise... the suspense is enough to drive all expecting parents crazy.

Richard and I always knew we did not want to do a gender reveal party with this pregnancy. Call us boring, but we tend to hate social gatherings like that and wanted to experience the moment with just him and I, just like we did when we were pregnant with Nova. This time around when I was about 16 weeks, we made an appointment at a boutique ultrasound place that was local to us (I am not going to tag them because of a very BIG reason). Going to a boutique ultrasound place is pretty standard anytime you want to do an elective ultrasound and its always nice to get a sneak peak of your little bundle of joy outside of the clinical doctors office.

At the ultrasound, our technician seemed a little antsy. Maybe it was because she was taking forever to reveal the gender or maybe it was because she was pressing that ultrasound wand into my belly like she was digging for gold. Either way, I didn't feel 100% comfortable with her assessment when she told us we were having a GIRL! I was so excited to hear we were having another girl. Call me crazy, but the idea of Nova growing up 2 years apart from a little sister was exactly what I wanted. I kept asking the ultrasound tech if she was sure and she assured me that she was an expert and she was 100% sure we were pregnant with a girl. She even gave us photos to take home with the little girl parts circled- how cute!

Only something didn't sit well with me. See, I didn't feel like I was pregnant with a girl. My hips are so wide, im TIRED ALL OF THE TIME, my energy level is nonexistent. I literally feel the exact opposite as I did when I was pregnant with Nova. Now, don't get me wrong, I know every pregnancy is different, but still intuition told me something different.

After having our clinical, 20-week ultrasound- we were also told we were having a GIRL.

Hearing the gender twice made me feel a bit more comfortable and I continued with purchasing everything pink. Rich and I made plans for having two little girls running around and I had the perfect plan to have the girls share a nursery. In preperation of our little girl, we had even picked out a name, Violet Reign.

Last week, I wanted to go back to the ultrasound clinic to see if we could finally get 4D ultrasound pics of our little one. Typically, the ultrasound techs advise you to wait until you are about 25 weeks+ to get 4D pics only because prior to that your baby is still pretty skinny and their features may not be fully distinguishable. As the new ultrasound tech was using the wand trying to get the perfect pic, she asked Rich and I if we knew the gender of the baby. Shyly, I responded yes, but I asked her to just confirm that our little girl was in fact still a GIRL. That's when she told us that our GIRL must of grew a penis because their was no way she could confirm that their was a baby girl in my belly. WHAT IN THE WORLD!! My eyes immediately filled with tears because that moment was the exact moment I was scared of. Immediately, I thought about all of the clothes that needed to be returned or that fact that we didn't have a name. I was a big bag of hormonal emotion and all I wanted to do was get out of there.

From the car, I located a mobile phlebotomist who offered the Sneak Peak clinical blood test, a test that can tell you with 99% accuracy what your baby's gender is. Thank God the phlebotomist was able to come at 8:30am the next morning and draw my blood and I anxiously waited for the 24 hour result. I am so grateful for the Mobile Lab Lady for coming to my home to draw my blood. Not only was she professional, but she made me feel more rest assured about what was going on. Above all, we wanted a healthy baby and not knowing just made the whole experience feel confusing.

At 7:30pm on Halloween while drinking hot chocolate (pregnancy craving) and passing out candy, we found out that our baby GIRL was in fact a baby BOY!!! With 99% accuracy that "thing" between our little girls legs was in fact a PENIS and the ultrasound techs were WRONG. While I was shocked and honestly, disappointed- I just felt better to actually know about our baby. Knowing who HE was allowed me to feel closer to him even though he is still in my belly. Now, I love the idea of Nova running around with her little brother and the idea of giving Richard another son. We weren't planning on sharing this in advance, but his name will be Marz.

The last two weeks have been a major whirlwind and this is a story I will definitely tell Marz when he gets older. As for the clothes, both Target and Carters have been amazing with working with us around the exchanges and we were able to get BOY clothes that are so stinkin cute.

Thank you all for the well wishes and support during this pregnancy journey!!! We cannot wait to welcome our new edition in the new year.



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