My Top 7 Amazon Picks for Pregnancy

I am an Amazon Prime addict. No seriously, searching Amazon every night has become a self-care ritual that I look forward to more than I want to admit.

I think scouring Amazon is a little like a treasure hunt and I am always on the hunt to find the best gems.

With that said, I have pulled together my top 7 Amazon picks that I am obsessed with during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or you know someone pregnant, hell even if you arn't pregnant- these are all AMAZING gift ideas for Christmas or just to be extra nice. As my delivery date approaches, I will be coming out with a top Amazon picks- newborn edition so stay tuned for that as well.

#7- The Pregnancy Pillow-

AHHHHHH the pregnancy pillow. How did we ever live without it? If you are new to the pregnancy pillow, it is a giant c-shape (or u-shape) pillow that WILL take up about 80% of your bed. The version I have is the C-shape and it is great for side sleepers. The c-shape of the pillow allows your back and your belly to be supported by firm comfort which is clutch when you are carrying around extra weight. Even with the pregnancy pillow, I tend to need at least 2-3 additional pillows for extra support because this pregnancy has really did a number on my back.

#6 Belly Oil

Stretchmarks.. one of the dreaded side effects of pregnancy. While my tummy doesn't have any stretchmarks right now, my hips and thighs- that's another story. This Mother's Special blend oil is great because it is not thick and can be worn under your clothes without the nasty residue. The oil is super moisturizing and it has a great smell too.

#5 Calvin Klein Bralette- Calvin Klein Women's Modern Cotton Lightly Lined Bralette

Obviously when your baby arrives, you will need to switch over to nursing bras, but in the interim- I love the Calvin Klein bralettes, especially for sleeping. These days, sleeping or lounging without a bra can be uncomfortable (thanks XXL boobs). Wearing cotton bralettes lets me feel more supported than going braless and the cotton material is still breathable at night.

#4 The Holy Grail of Leggings- LUOYANXI High Waist Tummy Control Leggings for Women Winter Seamless Soft Thick Fleece Lined Terry Pants

The High Waist Tummy Control leggings are literally the holy grail of all leggings. Seriously guys, I have tried a lot of versions of leggings and these are BY FAR my favorite. Not only do these leggings have an amazing amount of stretch to them, they are actually long (for us tall ladies). With a fleece-lined inside, you will not have to worry about your butt showing wearing these. At only $16 per pair, they are affordable enough for you to grab them in every color.

#3 My Favorite V Neck Tee

Because my boobs are so big, I prefer to wear V-neck t-shirts has everyday layering pieces. This V-neck tee has the perfect amount of slouch. To my knowledge it may only come in plus size sizes (XL-3X) so if you are smaller than that I would suggest finding its slim cousin.

#2 The Belly Band

Pregnancy bellies are heavy, like really heavy. By the end of the night, I am wobbling around in pain because my back feels like its going to explode. My doctor had recommended a belly band for me and thank God she did. The band essentially provides back support while lifting your belly. The band is pretty thin and cant be seen under your clothes. I consider it sort of like a waist trainer belt but for us preggo chicks. If you are someone who has to spend a long time on your feet during the day, I recommend investing in a belly band.

#1 The Birthing Ball

I know what you may be thinking? why the heck do I need a birthing ball during pregnancy? WELL MY FRIEND, you will understand when you buy one. As someone who suffers from chronic joint and back pain, sciatica and stiffness- the birthing ball saves me. The giant ball is ideal for taking pressure off of your lower and mid back. In addition, if your pelvic region constantly feels stiff, this birthing ball will help to get you moving! Not only is it great for pregnancy, but if you decide to do a home birth, the birthing ball is great for labor as well.

I hope you all enjoy my top #7 Amazon pregnancy picks. All items are linked on my Amazon Storefront (here) in addition to the actual product name (just click). This pregnancy, COMFORT is my number 1 priority and all of the items listed, help to make my pregnancy just a little more manageable. What are (or were) some of your favorite pregnancy must haves? Drop me a comment below!!


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